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20 Mar 2019
Borja Valle conceded an interview to newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa; the striker analyzed the poor moment of Deportivo and the chances to clinch the promotion.

Q: Was there a desire to resume work after the break?
A: Yes. The whole week was a bit playful, to be together, distracted from the competition, forget and leave behind the negative weeks. We return with a clean head, reset and with much hope to start the week well and finish better.

Q: What happens to Depor?
A: I donít consider it a problem, there isnít a fixed motive, but a combination of circumstances. All teams went through this. Until now everything was fine, always one or two points away of the leader, but there are also bad times with a lot of circumstances, moods and form, players that maybe have to perform above the level, and you arenít doing it because of circumstances as he head doesnít control everything. That diminishes you and that is what has happened to the whole group. Having the goal marked, as the promotion, has hurt us a little. What we should do is think about the game against AlmerŪa, compete against AlmerŪa, and not think about what Osasuna or Granada do, because it will harm us and it will put some anxiety that we shouldnít have.

Q: March was going to be the month of the downhill; were you infected with that vision of the medium term?
A: I donít know. Obviously, when you set goals and donít meet them, everything is much more negative. You analyze the whole year and you see that the season of Deportivo is spectacular at home, without losing any match. You look at March and you see four games, the one of Reus that you win for sure and three straight matches at the Riazor, and there you have to make yourself strong and send a message, but itís complicated even if you play at home. When you donít achieve the goals you get overwhelmed, you create an anxiety that doesnít benefit anyone. It has hurt us to focus only on the month of March when there are twelve games left, one world remains. Those who are above are going to leave points and those below are going to press. Therefore, this will change. It is to resist, and the one that lasts longer, will take everything.

Q: You say that it has hurt to have a marked goal, didnít you have that pressure when the season began?
A: Yes, itís clear. When you commit to a club like Deportivo in this league you are aware that the real goal is the promotion. This club cannot fight for anything other than that. Beyond that goal, then you have to do it, go out on Sunday and win. Talking about promotion doesnít benefit anyone. We all have to keep it in mind, work, push and row for it, internally and externally, for that to come, but without obsessing. The less we think about the final goal and the more we think about the day to day, in doing things well for that final goal, the better. A lot remains, but itís a league of twelve matches and the best in those twelve games is going to take the goal.

Q: But in that league Depor is having a five-point disadvantage.
A: Itís clear, but Iím convinced that the teams are going to leave points, because it has happened all year. The game against Almeria will be very competitive, very difficult, against a very intense opponent and with very clear ideas. It's going to be complicated. What we should do is put a lot more pace than them and be direct. Our football in the first round was stealing and playing forward, hurting and being vertical.

Q: Is it a duel that deserves the qualification of final?
A: I donít want to describe it as a final, as an ultimatum, because a lot of games still to be played. Itís a game of weight, of personality, of giving the best from us and sending a message. Opportunities are running out and we have to start with this. Itís the first bullet we have and we must take advantage of it.

Q: Without Carlos, Depor is having problems to score goals.
A: When you look at the goal record of the first round and compare it, itís true that it has decreased, and that is one of the reasons why we didnít win. Before you had five chances to score and you got four, and it was very difficult for the opponent to make four; and if you now have four and put one or none, then you are much more likely to draw or not score. Carlos has marked differences, he has given a lot and, obviously, he is missed. Heís a player who adds things and his loss is something that has hurt us all, like Krohn-Dehli. These are casualties of important people. The lack of those players should not be noticed in excess in a squad like the one of Depor, but like in all things, it is noticeable.

Q: Are there many people who are not at their optimum level?
A: I donít think we arenít at an optimal level. It is a pile of things, of the rivals and ours. For example, maybe I had four games and I was feeling very well, very comfortable, and things were coming out, and now they donít come out. These are states of mind, states of form, moments. When you surround yourself with negative things itís much harder to get something positive. I believe that good dynamics come alone, helping us all together, supporting and nurturing us. We started now again, at home against Almeria, and I hope that the good dynamic starts again.

Q: What is your assessment of the season so far?
A: Positive, because I donít only value being first or second. Hopefully, itís the desire of all and for what we all fight, but itís a positive assessment because we come from a previous campaign that was catastrophic, with a total clean inside the team and an incredible change, almost starting a new project from scratch, and itís very difficult. At this point we donít stop to think about all the change that the Deportivismo has had, and everything that has changed internally the club, but it has happened and itís going well.

Q: And at the individual level?
A: Also positive. I started well, then the injury and the penalty came, and then I was fine. Now maybe it isnít the best time at the individual level, but itís important to be aware of it, to assume it and face it. You have to add from where you can. It's a season so beautiful and so complicated that if we stop to think "I'm not fine", we're wasting time. If I'm not well in the field, then I have to be fine where I need to be.

Q: Should we start to mentalize ourselves for the playoff route?
A: I donít want to think about the direct promotion or the playoffs. We have been thinking about the direct promotion all year and when it doesnít look so close it hurts, it scratches and itches a lot, and I think it isnít good. There will be people who stop to think about the playoffs as an alternative. Yes, itís another way for the goal, but we shouldnít think about that, neither how much is the direct promotion nor how many points we take to the seventh place. We must think of AlmerŪa, in adding internally and externally to do things well against Almeria. When we arrive to the last matchdays, then we will think about where we are to achieve what we want.



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