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25 Mar 2019
Disaster for Fabril, the team played a bad first half, it came back in the second only to receive a goal at the last minute. The relegation is only a matter of a mathematical confirmation.

Coach Luisito was still missing left-back Juanmi Carrión due to injury reasons. Despite the last result, the coach opted in repeated the lineup, which meant to continue playing with Arturo Segado as a centre-back.

The formation was a 4-2-3-1. Álex Cobo was the starting goalie, Jorge Valín covered the right side in defence, Enrique Fornos played on the left, Steve One joined Segado at the centre. The centre midfielders were Bicho and Javi Cobo. Guillermo May attacked from the right wing, Ignacio Abeledo did it from the left, Jonathan Montiel was the playmaker and Uxío Dapena was the centre forward.

Rápido de Bouzas is another team in trouble for been inside the drop zone, the team from Vigo have only won one of the previous eight games. Coach Michel Alonso was relying in Diego Diz and Youssef El Ouatani for the goals, combined they have netted nine goals before this meeting. Ex-Fabril Iago López was a starter at the centre of the defence.

Nothing worked for Fabril in the first part, Luisito was so mad that he was close to make the three changes within the first 45 minutes. The team improved a lot in the second half and the game became open and with both sides close to win it.

The game started with the pressure from the locals, Pablo Antas missed the target with a shot from the edge of the area (1’) and also with a corner-kick (2’). Three minutes later Javi Sánchez had a shot blocked.

Then Álex Cobo made the first big save of the game before the low attempt from Diego Diz (10’). Fabril had big problems to overcome the local pressure, neither Bicho nor Javi Cobo were appearing and Bouzas seemed close to score.

 And the goal arrived in a lateral free-kick, the cross from Mouiño was met by Youssef El Ouatani and his header went into the top-corner of Álex Cobo. The first chance for Fabril came until minute 29, Uxío collected a long pass from midfield, but his volley went over the crossbar.

Fabril were dead in attack, while Javi Sánchez was a dagger on the left side. Fornos was unable to stop him and the centre-backs had constantly help in the coverages. Meanwhile, Montiel was facing a double mark and the team was stuck.

The game of Fabril was so bad that Luisito was tempted to make the three changes before half-time; he only made one as Carlos López replaced Segado. Bicho had the next chance for Fabril, but he missed the target firing from the left side of the area (39’). The first half ended with a low attempt of Guillermo May that hit the far post (44’).

The second part started with the entry of French Salles-Lamonge for Javi Cobo, it was his first appearance in 2019 and the true is that the team improved a lot. Things were more open in this half, because Fabril was arriving into the area of b>Brais Pereiro.

And Fabril found the equalizer; it was born from a combination between Salles-Lamonge and Montiel at the edge of the area, it ended with the latter drilling a precise path into the path of Uxio Dapena and the striker crossed Brais Pereiro.

Suddenly, Fabril was the best team on the pitch, Bicho could have sored the second after a new good pass from Montiel, but a defender deflected the ball. Rápido Bouzas were also having opportunities, at minute 59 a cross from the left was headed by Youssef and the ball hit the crossbar.

The game turned to be dramatic, the draw was useless for both sides, so they tried to attack. Bicho arrived late to a pass from Montiel (63’), later Youssef couldn’t resolve before Álex Cobo (65’). Iago Gandoy was the last substitution at Fabril as he replaced Bicho.

The three points could have been added by any side, because both teams were having opportunities.  Substitute Carlitos was close to score in a confusing play inside the area (87’), later Uxio missed the target after a pass from Montiel (89’)

And the locals were going to win in the last play of the game. Diego Diz released the cross from the left and Youssef connected the ball at the far post. It wasn’t clear if it was offside, but Bouzas celebrated as it was the permanence, while Fabril knew it was the first nail in the coffin to Tercera.

Cruelty for Fabril. The lads didn’t d anything in the first part, they came back in the second as Luisito made the substitutions, but the team died at the shore after a goal in the added time. With only eight games remaining the relegation to Tercera is just a matter of time. The next game is the visit of Pontevedra CF to Abegondo (Saturday, 17h00 CET).

Rápido Bouzas: (4-2-3-1) Brais – Adrián, Coti, Iago López, Armando – Toni Jou, Javi Sánchez (Carlitos Pereira 81’) – Pablo Antas (Rodri Alonso 74’), Mouriño. Diego Diz – Youssef.
Fabril: (4-2-3-1) Álex Cobo - Valín, Segado (Carlos López 37’), Steve One, Quique Fornos – Bicho (Iago Gandoy 73’), Javi Cobo (Salles-Lamonge 46’) – May, Montiel, Abeledo - Uxio Dapena
Referee: Fernando Bueno Prieto. He showed yellow card to Segado (33’), Montiel (60’), Abeledo (72’) & Bicho (73’)
Goals: 1-0: (27’) Youssef, 1-1: (53’) Uxío, 2-1: (90+1’) Youssef.
Venue: Municipal Bouzas.




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