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27 Mar 2019
Striker Carlos Fernández returned to train on this week and feels ready to play again. He was talking of the situation of Deportivo in liga and his contribution to the team.

Carlos Fernández was talking to reporters on Tuesday, he will receive the medical okay at the end of the week after been dealing with several muscle problems since December, “The true is that I was expecting for this moment, mainly to be able to join the group. The first injury occurred on December 2, the mind was expecting for a hamstring tear, and in the end it was longer. I must thank the support from all the people at the club. They understood me and have been important for my recovery.”

The striker didn’t give importance to the relapses that he suffered, “I don’t search for motives, this is football and we are exposed to injuries. This time it was my turn and the important thing is to fix it. Those were hard months and am happy for been available again.”

Asked if he is already fit to be a starter, the answer was, “The true is that I am going little by little. The feelings are good and the coach is the one that will decide. I am having good feelings and need to see the work during the rest of the week. We are only on Tuesday and have to see how the feelings are throughout the week. In the end it’s a decision of the coach.”

He denied the idea that the team will change the results only with his presence, “I neither think the team needed me in order to win. Each player is capable of adding things, I can only add my grand of sand and we will fight for the three points. It’s going to be a complicate match, Oviedo is hard and we must be prepared for everything we can face over there. I don’t see myself as a savior, I am only one more partner.”

The Andalusian attacker admitted that he has been frustrated for not been able to play too much in 2019, “It was the worst, when you are at the stand you feel that you cannot help, either from the starting formation or the bench. It’s the most frustrating thing and surely it’s the worst part.”

He explained how he has faced the period and how he has avoided more relapses, “I had problems with the meniscus and the knee ligaments in the past, so all these feelings are already dominated. In the first trainings the important thing is to start from zero and have good feelings. It’s not a matter of measuring the trainings, but of feelings.” 

The striker was commenting the poor moment of the team in liga, “Hopefully we can turn around the situation, because everybody must be clear that we work hard and that we are trying. Nobody said that it was going to be easy, when people said by Christmas that we were already at Primera, we said that we needed to have tranquility. Truly this is the hardest moment of the season, and we must continue working and pulling forward.”

Finally, Carlos Fernández commented that Depor cannot be pending of what happens in the other games, “We must only think of Oviedo. It will be a mistake if we are pending to see if the other team loses or not. We can only play a game and later see how the games are solved. Truly the direct promotion is harder now, but I am optimistic and believe we can change the things with hard work.”



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