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28 Mar 2019
President Tino Fernández believes the team still can achieve the direct promotion, but at the same time doesn’t see with bad eyes to pass through the playoff. He also reaffirmed the continuity of the coach.

Tino Fernández was invited to the presentation of a TV program that will analyze the success of the Super Depor, after the president talked to reporters analyzed the present of the club. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Failing in March: "The team came from Malaga relatively satisfied, because they played a good game and added a point and we had chances to win. We came with the hope that the month was going to be good, but it’s clear that, sometimes, to make numbers can have the opposite effect. It suits us to go game by game and week by week. We were expecting to make twelve points and we would be leaders by now, but it has not been like that. We are on time, but we must go game by game. "

Moment of the team: "Undoubtedly, it isn’t a good moment to play, because the team is stuck, in darkness. We aren’t in a good moment, we are stuck and we lack the clarity that we had in other sections of the season, but I cling to the fact that we have a good group of players, a good coaching staff and I hope that the performance of other phases can be recovered. Looking at the standings, none of the teams in direct promotion or that are ahead of us have defeated us. We must break the dynamic that we have and in which we are denser. We have lacked that bit of luck that the rivals had, but I have total confidence in the group."

Is the team worst after the winter window? “No. I believe this is a similar team, even reinforced.”

Natxo González: "At no time has the board of directors considered anything regarding Natxo González, we have confidence in all the players, in all the members of the coaching staff, and in a singular way in Natxo González. The members of the council meet every Monday and at no time has we discussed the continuity of the coach. The message I want to leave today is 'we are going to win in Oviedo. I will not talk about anything more of what I just said, the objective is to win in Oviedo, to recover the best version that made us win in Granada. That’s the Deportivo that we want, everything else is accessory and I think that doesn’t matter.”

Is playing the promotion playoff a failure? “No. I am forgetting about the standings, we are now focused in winning in Oviedo. After the game, we see the next rival and we will see where we are. What we want is to clinch the promotion to Primera División, and if we have to do it through the playoff, then we are going to do it. There’s no drama. Neither is the goal. The goal is to win games.”

Game in Oviedo: "We must go for the game from the beginning. We have a team similar to the one we had before the winter market, we have even reinforced it. This weekend we play with a team that can be up there, but we defeated them clearly at the Riazor. We must play our game and play more calmly. We must recover our best version. It’s also a game in which there will be a great mobilization of fans and it’s something that we have to thank ".

Support from the fans: "Our best ally are the fans. We are delighted with the support they give us. The only thing that has happened is that we accumulate a streak of negative results and therefore create a feeling of unhappiness to the fans. We all are feeling like that. It’s true that there are people who react by encouraging and others who react differently, but also people who love us. We have to understand and the players along with the coaching staff have to be the first to break that vicious circle of bad results. They are willing to bring joy to our people."

Lower attendance at the stadium: "I wouldn’t like to enter this debate, for better or for worse, we have data regarding the attendance. We always give the number. I don’t want to make references to other years or to other seasons because it would not make sense. Our focus is on winning in Oviedo next week; to win in Oviedo, nothing more than that. "

The referees and committees: “I understand that no one wants to affect Deportivo, but we don’t share some of the positions. We aren’t friends of releasing statements. What we have to say has been already told to the respective instances.”



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