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31 Mar 2019
Depor’s coach knows that Depor need to win and confirmed that Pablo Mari and Carlos Fernández are ready to play. Oviedo’s coach admitted that the team is hurt after losing the derby.

Natxo González addressed the media on Saturday’s noon. He is aware that the game is very important and confirmed that both, Pablo Mari and Carlos Fernández, are ready to play. The following is the summary of the things he said.

Feelings: “We are taking refuge in improving every day. In terms of intensity, decision-making, we’re looking for an improvement so that the team can flow and enjoy... how to see a Deportivo that we saw not so long ago? We’re working on that, more than in the structure. We want to recover what we have been losing, trying to acquire more fluidity, intensity... a little bit of everything. Especially, to recover the joy that the team had and has been lost."

Is the game a final? “Final is when there is no turning back. But it is true, and more in the dynamics of results that we have, that we need that little step with a victory. We don’t lose much, but we neither win. We are tying keeps us there, but we are excited about tomorrow being a beautiful game, with many people behind and in a good scenario."

Carlos Fernández: “He’s okay, he has trained all week. After so long, surely he won’t be ready for ninety minutes, at least not at one hundred percent, it’s difficult, but he immediately gets the tone. Besides, he has been working, he hasn’t stopped. Now we have to risk a little more. We have the security that it is noticed on a daily basis, in his face. We run fewer risks than a month ago."

Pablo Mari: “Yesterday he made a few things with the group, and today he completed the full session, so he is fine.”

Roster with 21 players: “We are covering the surprises that we might have.”

Vitor Silva “As the weeks pass, he is better. This is a good moment for all of us, because the players are fine in a physical sense.”

Mental state: “We are doing all that’s possible in order to be fine. We all are hopeful to compete and grow day by day. The feelings are good and I’m satisfied.”

Real Oviedo: “They are coming after losing a passionate derby, and the consequences are there. I believe that the defeat is an incentive ahead of this game. They are hurt, but know how to compete. It demands a lot at all the levels and they are playing for a lot of things too.”

Juan Antonio Anquela addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He was trying to explain the state of the team after the defeat in the derby with Sporting, and described Depor as one of the best teams in the league. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The defeat in the derby: "It’s a complicated week, we have to turn the page and think about the next one, it was a complicated week, yes.”.

The controversial plays: "I haven’t seen them again, what I saw was what I was able to watch on the field, this works like that, a pity, because we would have given a tremendous joy to our people, and that’s what everyone deserved.”

How do footballers live it? "Well, I don’t know, it's very difficult, they have to live with all of this, when you walk into a changing room and see a player crying helplessly, it's hard to come back from that. I realized that we didn’t know how to digest what football gave us and we jumped with all the rage, this player jumped with all the rage that was inside him and all the justice that wasn’t done. "

Asking for calmness: "What happened afterwards has to be forgotten, it doesn’t lead to anything, sanity must prevail, it happens in football, because it works like that. It was because of the result, but we should have digested this. Everyone must be thinking about Sunday's game. "

Last year Oviedo started a decline after winning the derby “I wish it could be the other way around now, I hope so, I would like to have a magic ball, but in football it’s very complicated.”

Deportivo: "This is a team that’s powerful, you only have to look at what they have and what happened to us in the first round, with very little they punished us a lot. That’s Depor, a very strong team in all the facets that, as the Segunda is right now, there are moments in which they are up or down, this is normal, we are clear that we are going to face one of the best teams in Segunda Division.”

Is Oviedo benefited from a more direct game? "Yes, they used to tell me the other way around, they told me that, if I we could have three men at midfield we would have the ball and we would play better, whatever the bull does, he will always catch you. Normally, this is true in football, I don’t know, we will have to use whatever suits us at any time, I don’t know, if we play directly, we would say that we don’t elaborate, this is how it works. We try to be a balanced team, sometimes it is achieved and sometimes not.”

Carlos Hernández, Javi Muñoz and Omar Ramos are out: "This is what we have, I have never complained about it and neither will do it now, and I have had reasons. Those who have played have given their best, without the slightest doubt, in terms of attitude and the desire to do things well, I don’t have the slightest doubt.”

How do you see the team to face the last ten games?: "I would like everything to go well for us, I see the team is fine, with desire, but it’s very difficult, because this league doesn’t allow mistakes and we have committed some. We are ready to dispute this, especially if we don’t go crazy and if we know that this, although it seems a lie, is going to be very long.”



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