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15 Apr 2019
The inevitable relegation is now a fact, just a copy of the whole season: Fabril didn’t play a bad game, but conceded goals while it was unable to capitalize its own opportunities.

The end of the lane for Fabril. The relegation could be a mathematical fact in this matchday. Coach Luisito made changes again, including a modification at the goal, but also kept Mujaid Sadick at the starting lineup.

The formation was a 4-2-3-1. Álex Cobo was the starting goalie, Jorge Valín covered the right side in defence, Steve One played on the left, Mujaid and Quique Fornos played at the centre. The centre midfielders were Iago Gandoy and Salles-Lamonge. Bicho attacked from the right wing, Ignacio Abeledo did it from the left, Jonathan Montiel was the playmaker and Uxío Dapena was the centre forward.

The rival was Atlético Madrid B, side that was third at the standings and fighting to keep the spot for the promotion playoff. Coach Óscar Fernández was relying in Víctor Mollejo, Sergio Carmello and ex-Fabril Óscar Pinchi as the references in attack.

The start of the game was calm, there wasn’t any opportunity within the first ten minutes, only a solo play of Pinchi at the edge of the area in which he couldn’t dribble four rivals (4’).  The first chance to score in the game came at minute 11, a cross from the left was connected by Uxío and somehow visiting goalie San Román blocked the ball.

And in the next play the visiting side was going to claim the advantage. Gandoy committed a foul at the left wing, in the resulting free-kick the cross of Cristian was headed by Víctor Mollejo and the low attempt crossed Álex Cobo.

It was the same old tragedy for Fabril, a team that once again was conceding a goal just after having a clear chance to score. In this opportunity the Galician lads didn’t low the level after allowing a goal; at minute 15, Uxio fought for the ball inside the area and, after a deflection, Montiel found the rebound and his strong shot was saved by San Román.

At minute 21 a counterattack from the left ended with a shot of Cristian that was repealed by Álex Cobo.  Fabril started to grow in the game, but it was showing the usual problems to create opportunities.

More dangerous were the counterattacks of Atlético B, like the one of Mollejo that ended in shot blocked by Álex Cobo /21’), or the one three minutes later in which a cross from the left ended with a low attempt of Pinchi saved again by Fabril’s goalie.

At minute 30, Montiel had a blocked shot from the edge of the area and the ball ended in the arms of San Román. The playmaker was the best man at Fabril, but once again the team didn’t give the impression of been able to level the score. The next chance came in a new appearance of Montiel, it was a lateral free-kick in which the deflection of Tachi passed close to the crossbar (34’).

The second half started with a chance for Atlético B. after only 26 seconds Pinchi found the ball at the edge of the area and his low attempt passed close to the near post of Álex Cobo. Four minutes later a series of defensive errors at Atlético B defence weren’t seized by Fabril, Valin attempted a crossed shot, but it was blocked by a defender.

At minute 50, Solano attempted a strong shot from the right corner of the area and Álex Cobo made the save. Two minutes later Salles-Lamonge fired from the edge of the area and the ball went over the crossbar.

The game was attractive, both sides weren’t satisfied with the score and were trying to attack. Fabril with its limitations and Atlético B with fast penetrations by both wings. At minute 54, one of those penetrations ended with a cross from the left and Víctor Mollejo headed the ball on target, this time the ball hit the crossbar.

Bicho was close to score at minute 57, a fast attack left the winger alone running towards the goal and chased by three defenders, and his low attempt firing from the edge of the area just passed close to the far post.  Three minutes later Uxio collected a pass inside the area and his crossed shot just hit the net by the outside.

The first substitutions at Fabril were the entries of Gaizka Martínez and Víctor García for Iago Gandoy and Bicho. But at this height of the game Fabril had already gave up, the team was no longer creating opportunities and Atlético B were already content with the score.

The next chance was a shot of Mollejo that Álex Cobo cleared over the crossbar (75’). And there was time for a second goal for Atlético B. Substitute Rubén Fernández found the ball inside the area after the locals were surprised in a quick throw-in and he scored with a strong shot. Salles-Lamonge had the last chance for Fabril in a direct fee-kick action, but he sent the ball out (88’).

Fabril relegated to Tercera División. Not a bad game by the lads, but as it has been the constant thing on the season, they weren’t able to seize their opportunities and later conceded goals that cost points. Five games are remaining and the relegation is now a mathematical fact. The disaster is bigger as the relegation also pushed Laracha CF to Regional, this club was acting like Deportivo C forming Juvenile players at Tercera. In the next matchday there’s a game on Thursday as it’s a holiday in Spain (ester week). Fabril visit Real Madrid Castilla (20h00 CET).

Fabril: (4-2-3-1) Álex Cobo – Valín (May 83’), Fornos, Mujaid, Steve One, – Salles-Lamonge, Iago Gandoy (Gaizka Martínez 69’) – Bicho (Víctor García 69’), Montiel, Abeledo –Uxío Dapena
Atlético B: (4-2-3-1) San Román - Solano, Tachi, Víctor Ruiz, Samu (Manu 76’) - Mikel Carro, Cristian - Óscar Pinchi, Carlos Isaac (Ricard 83’), Víctor Mollejo – Camello (Rubén Fernández 71’).
Goals: 0-1: (11’) Mollejo, 0-2: (83’) Rubén Fernández
Referee: Pablo Fernández Pérez. He showed yellow card to Iago Gandoy (67’) & Víctor Ruiz (88’)
Venue: Abegondo.




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