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09 May 2019
Playmaker Pedro Sánchez is aware that this is the definitive stage of the season, therefore he says that the important things to add points and not to judge how the team is playing.

Pedro Sánchez addressed the media before Wednesday’s training, he was admitting that it hasn’t been a good season for him and the team, and talked of the importance of scoring against Zaragoza, "It's good for me to be able to help in a facet as important as scoring. I always try to overcome myself in the face of adversity and try to help in any way I can. The dynamic in recent months hasn’t been the best, but now we are raising our heads and that’s good for us.”

He assured that, despite the results in recent months, the players have always been united, "There's always been joy, because of circumstances we didn’t get what you wanted, but you have to go the best way in order to reach the goal.”

Talking about Cádiz CF, the playmaker is aware of the importance of the victory, "They play by memory, we know it. We have to know how to read the situations of the game, be wiser and more intelligent than them in order to get that victory. What is worth in life are the results, no matter you play right or wrong. We must show it. The previous rivals seemed affordable, but it's not like that, this is Segunda and they hit us in the face."

"You don’t have to look at what happened last week or four months ago. The next match is on Sunday. The important thing is that the team wins. A 1-0 win or whatever. It would give us a good boost of morale for the final stretch. It isn’t time to look at how you play, but about the results. The important thing is to get good results, not if it is done well, badly, regularly, better or worse.” He added.

Finally, Pedro Sánchez doesn’t want to talk of direct promotion, and prefers to focus in keeping the spot for the promotion playoff, "We don’t have to look at that, we have to be realistic, we're suffering trying to get into the playoff, we have to try to get these three points, now we're trying to fight for a play-off spot. In any case, the Liverpool-Barça is the best example that in football everything can happen.”



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