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10 May 2019
Ńlex BergantiŮos conceded a interview to La Voz de Galicia. The midfielder talked of how the team has reacted within the last two weeks and how to simplify the things has been a crucial factor for it.

Q: The team returns home after falling against Extremadura. Since then, the board has announced its exit and Depor have won two matches. It seems that a century has passed.
A: This is so intense. And that intensity makes it seem like things have happened for a long time. But hey, there are five games remaining, which are decisive and now no longer worth excuses.

Q: Do you think that this time has served you for something?
A: Yes. The team reached the bottom the day of Extremadura: both for the impression left and sensations. In Pamplona we had been better, we started to notice the hand of the new coach, some concepts... But there we took a step back. Now, these games out, thanks to the results, have been good for us. In addition, it has been good for us to be out together for so long, traveling by bus... It has given us a point of humility and union. We saw ourselves so down that we could not get any worse. And that has helped us to strengthen the union

Q: Something similar to Arsenio's anecdote on the way to Bilbao when he passed through Eibar and told his players to remember Ipurķa to not return?
A: The squad thatís here has lived a lot in Segunda and knows that this type of displacement also occurs and more in teams that are in cities on the corner. I say it more because of living together all weekend. You take the plane and maybe everyone goes more to their own in a corner. The bus forces everyone to be a little more together. It encourages a little more the feeling of cohesion and I think it has been noticed in the field.

Q: Have you talked much during these two weeks?
A: No, it has been spoken more at other times. In the month of March, for example, with all the games that we played at the Riazor. Also, before traveling to Oviedo. Maybe we even had too many talks. Now the situation is different. We saw ourselves in a limit situation, of being able to throw everything away and react. Now we talk less and it becomes more concrete. We are guided by another coach and things have changed. Heís right in simplifying everything. When you come from so many doubts, that helps a lot. You are in such a critical moment, that the fact that they simplify things is the first step to get out of there. You are watching the matches. Two basic things and from there to grow.

Q: Did you reach the bottom?
A: Itís true that when you reach the bottom, as it happened here, you have to start with that to survive. The coach was clear and gave us that security. We were very lost. With many doubts. The team was desperate in the last two games at the Riazor. It didnít know how to press. How to be placed. And that causes you to run in a vacuum. That you show yourself worse than you are. And, to get out of this group and individual situation, the first stone is to simplify, to be a block as a team, and from there to grow.

Q: When do you start not believing in Natxo GonzŠlez?
A: I donít think it' was a matter of stopping believing in the coach. What happened rather is that the difficulties we encountered changed. At the beginning of the season we looked like the big team that was going to dominate. The rivals came to wait for us and come out in the counterattack. In March, that section of the league where we had to push harder arrived. But we ran into rivals who pushed us higher. That they were going body to body. And that cost us. It was seen a lagoon that we had throughout the year. It is no coincidence that the team dropped a lot in all the away games in the first round. In that type of game, we lacked resources or capabilities. In front of more intense teams, physical, that they pressed up, they came to have the ball and they made you run, it generated frustration and we didnít know how to respond to that. Now, we have overcome that critical phase. Assuming where and how we are. That we arenít superior to the rest. From there we try to grow recovering the intensity and security. Playing together Winning ugly matches, like Zaragoza. Because, basically, that's Segunda: to be competitive.

Q: So, you disagree with those who say that Depor has the best squad in the league.
A: No no. I also believe that we have the best squad. If we analyze the 25 players, we have the most complete group because there is not much difference between starters and those on the bench. Other teams have eleven or fourteen players that push them up. And sometimes they do well: Huesca last year or this Osasuna, Granada or Albacete. In those starting elevens, there is much equality.

Q: What do you feel when you hear that this team is missing leaders?
A: It is clear that it isnít pleasant. But I have a clear conscience. This year the work of the group has been exceptional. There has been maximum respect for the coach. Itís very easy to ask leaders on the field. But who is a leader? Messi is a leader, because he makes a difference. But in this league, with the level we all have... The leadership is going to be marked by the collective. The team has worked well, then in tactical concepts the performance is not so much the plot of the captains.

Q: You are accused, beyond the control of the changing room, the dominance of the situation in the field and the referee...
A: You are more a leader by not protesting to the referee or a better performance is achieved. Sometimes, if you are more dialoguing, then you can find more empathy and manage better some situations. Itís more a matter of the noise that there may be at the stands that may influence. But the environment is less influencing each time. Internally what the captains must do is for people to respect what is asked of us. Help the partner, scream if he is not fulfilling what is asked. But to guide. For screaming without more, you're not going to get anything. Yes, itís good to get everyone to believe in an idea.

Q: How do you lead, as captain and shareholder, the electoral process?
A: I already said it in some occasion. What worries me the most is that the club is not damaged by this process. Let there be a stability. Deportivo need tranquility and stability to try to grow during the next five years. I donít know more than what I read in the papers, because beyond the message of tranquility that Tino FernŠndez sent us when he came to see us at the changing room, we donít know much more. But itís that the team, in reality, the composition of the council doesnít affect you in excess, because we see them in the trips and little else. The day to day is with the people of Abegondo. So, as I can talk to you more like a sportsperson. The president who promises stability has my few shares [he laughs].



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