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11 Jan 2008
Goalkeeper Dudu Aouate talked about the incident he had with Gustavo Mun??a. The Israeli said that he was feeling sad for the situation and assured once again that his previous declarations weren't criticising Mun??a nor any of his team mates.

Aouate said in radio Marca that he was feeling hurt for the incident with his team-mate Gustavo Mun??a "I am in bad conditions, I can't see anything with my left eye. I have eight stitches. I am hurt, specially in a personal sense, because it's the first time that something like this happens to me. I never lived something like this in the twenty years I have spent playing football. I never imagined that this moment would arrive, but it came."

Later, the ex-Racing player explained what happened "He came for surprise and after I took a shower, I was dressing up, Mun??a came and told me: "What are you looking at?" Suddenly, he hit me in the eye, it started to bleed. When I saw myself bleeding , I felt to the floor. The whole team was there. The doctor and Pablo -the Physiotherapist- came and they helped me. The doctor healed the bound in the changing room. The whole team was in shock. It wasn't a fight, it was a surprise. He hit me without an explanation. He came for surprise. It has surprised me to see a team mate doing this against me."

The Israeli keeper also assured that he won't train at Deportivo if Mun??a continues at Abegondo "I won't go to Abegondo if this player is there. I had a correct relationship with him. I never fought with anybody in my whole life." Mun??a also said that he still doesn't know if he will present a demand against the Uruguayan keeper.

Finally, Aouate said that his declarations made on Thursday -he was complained about been on the bench- weren't directed to any of his team mates "I never complained about a partner. I talked about my quality and the situation of the squad. They asked about Mun??a and I didn't say anything, I talked about me and the situation of the squad. And no matter what I say, nobody has the right to hit anyone."

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