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29 May 2019
Tuesday’s shareholders meeting ended with the election of Paco Zas as the new president of Deportivo. His first measure announces is the continuity of Carmelo Del Pozo as the sporting director.

3,383 shareholders were represented in the meeting (37.15% of the capital). It was a long meeting, it lasted more than four hours. Firstly because the process to subscribe the shares owned by the shareholders lasted more than expected, so there was a delay of 40 minutes at the start. Later because the large number of votes in the meeting forced to have a process to recount the votes that almost lasted 90 minutes.

At the start of the meeting the lawyer of the club, Óscar Rama, announced that there were five candidates to the presidency: Jesús Martínez Loira, Manuel López Cascallar, Paco Zas, Fernando Vidal and Miguel Chouza.  The lawyer also announced that shareholders have approved to have 6 members in the board of directors (99.99% of the votes). Later the outgoing president addressed the public and the voting process started.

The first point in the meeting was the resignation of Tino Fernández and his board of directors. The now ex-president didn’t give an explanation of why he abruptly decided to leave the club, he just talked of losing the hope.

"We're not leaving for sporting results, we're not leaving because of the debt, when we arrived, it was much higher and the creditors were tough, now it's half of the global amount, not even for being at Segunda. We're leaving because the hope must be the highest in this position, and right now it isn’t at 100%. In football there is no good date, football never stops, there are many things to be settled from here until July, because a Council that enters cannot only have one month to make decisions. It is before you, shareholders and owners of the club, to which we must give explanations. We have always had the maximum support from the shareholders. We are very grateful." He told shareholders.

Later he talked of the financial situation of the club when he arrived and the few sporting successes during his stage, mainly with the female section and the Genuine team. Fernández also said that no one should be “worried” because he won’t be involved with the club from now own, "I will not be in the future of Deportivo, neither in the sun nor in the shade, but I entrust the next Council with the mission of adjusting the club's expectations to our reality and to this changing football industry."

Tino Fernández ended his participation saying that, "Thanks to shareholders and fans who transmit their affection every day, thanks and a thousand apologies for what we haven’t done better, to the companies, coaches and players, to sponsors and among them Estrella Galicia. Fernando Vidal, to our families, wives, children, people from our jobs that have received insults, threats, cell phone calls, banners in front of their workplaces, it has been an honor to be president of Deportivo, I will return to my seat from now on. My only place, I don’t expect anything, I don’t aspire to anything, I only hope for respect, I am staying in A Coruña, the city where I was born, where my company is, without hiding from anyone. I will not give any recommendations, I am going to vote, because I think I still have the right to give my opinion. I am and I will always be of Deportivo.”

Francisco Martinez Zas is the new president of Deportivo after earning 33,859 votes, the other main candidate, Fernando Vidal, earned 24,596. The lawyer of the club announced that the six new members of the board of directors are Paco Zas, Pablo Ruiz Cuadrado, Jesús Chapela, Albero Méndez, Juan Manuel Sánchez Padrós and Jorge Borrajo Dio.

Later Zas addressed the public and his first measure was to announce that Carmelo Del Pozo will continue as the sporting director of the club, "He [Carmelo del Pozo] had to dismiss a whole team and do a whole new team in a matter of a month, you have to understand the work that’s being done, if he isn’t provided with stability then it will be bad."

Then the new president thanked Tino Fernández and announced that the club will do anything possible in order to base the future of the club in the academy players and also promised to improve the conditions of the female section, "We want to hope for a new vision and philosophy for the academy, that the doors of the first team are always open for them." He said.



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