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14 Jan 2008
The squad is frustrated with the new defeat, this time coach Lotina wanted to blame the referee for it, the Basque trainer thinks that Paradas Romero should sent off Josemi in the first penalty of the match. But Lotina also thinks that Fabricio committed a key error during the second goal of Villarreal. Meanwhile, players like Bodipo, Riki and Pablo Amo continued expressing the same hopeful speech: that Depor will achieve the permanence.

Coach Miguel Angel Lotina preferred to blame referee Paradas Romero for the defeat "There's a play that I still don't understand, the one of our penalty. It was a clear occasion, but the referee didn't show any card. Contrary to this, during the second penalty against us, he showed the red card, although it was fair. The explanation he gave me was that the push made in the first penalty was a little one. It's the first time I hear that. If the occasion is clear, it's a direct red card, but referee says that not. It seems we have a new rule that I don't know or maybe he's trying to justify what can't be justified. I think the work of the referee was unfortunate and has helped the local team. It's the first time I heard about 'little' or 'big' pushes inside the area. At least I learned something new" he said this with an ironic sense.

The Basque coach also thinks the second goal allowed by Depor was a key for the defeat "It was a shot that was going out, but Fabricio tried to deflect the ball to a corner-kick and they took advantage to score a goal. When it seemed they would leave open spaces for our counterattacks, it came the goal that put Villarreal back on the game. That was the key."

Lotina also complained about the vulnerability of his team to allow goals "We have a young team and we are leaking too many goals with an extreme facility, but I'm convinced that we can carry out with this thing using this young people, but we all have to be convinced about it, it isn't a matter of just the coach."

Rodolfo Bodipo wanted to send a message of hope to the fans "This things is getting complicated, but right now we have to push harder, to rise up our head and to look forward. It hurts to be in this delicate situation, specially after you made a decent game and after the team scored three goals. You stay with the sensation of been doing a decent match, but at the end you leave with a new defeat at your shoulders. The most painful thing is that almost all the teams that were over us have won their matches. We must change now."

Fabricio Augusto, who made his debut as the keeper of the team, was criticising his own performance during the second goal of Villarreal "The key was on the second goal, because I failed and I sunk the team. I ask for apologies for the damage I made to my partners, because we were making a good game. They said the ball was going out, but I thought it was on target and that was why I tried to clear the ball, it was a disgrace. I tried to do my best effort, but I still have to learn a lot.  I just hope to be able to improve during the next games. I am trying to surpass myself, and for this, I need to work hard each day during the trainings. I still have to improve a lot of things."

Laure was also making his debut with the first team, the youngster made a good game covering the right-back position, he also commented the actions of the match "During the second part, we had ten or fifteen minutes in which we were losing the control, but we had the weight of the game on us during the rest of the match We took the lead twice, but we lost. The players are a little frustrated for this. We are hurt but we will  surely save the situation. In a personal sense, I was feeling fine, but what counts is the final result. We lost and it was a shame."

On Monday, two players attended to Abegondo's press room, the first one was Riki, the Madrilenian striker assured the whole team is supporting the coach "We are the ones that should solve the situation and we already have the whole second round for this. Until the coach is with us, we have to support him and be at his side until death. The important thing now is to add points, that's what will guide us to salvation. I believe we can do this with sacrifice and a humble attitude. For the moment we have a final on Sunday."

The other player at Abegondo's press room was also Madrilenian:  Pablo Amo. The defender ratified the hopeful speech of Riki "We must have faith, I believe we have enough team to reach the salvation. We still have a lot of time. I'm sure we will save this team."

In Villarreal, coach Manuel Pellegrini admitted his team made a bad game, although he's satisfied with the 35 points achieved so far "We made 65 very bad minutes and 25 that were really good. The key was that we never surrender and we never lost the order. To leak so many goals always complicate the possibility of been making a good season, but to reach this instance of the tournament with 35 points has more positive readings than bad conclusions. The team is strong and we are disputing Champions League positions. We can't talk about crisis because globally, we are fine."

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