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15 Jun 2019
Depor’s coach believes that the key is to score a goal and guess right with the first pass, for Málaga’s manager the key is to be effective at both areas.

José Luis Martí talked to reporters on Friday’s morning and before the trip to Andalusia. He believes that Depor need to score a goal in order to pass the round and announced changes at the lineup. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Physical state of the squad: “We were training twelve hours after the game and will do it again in the afternoon. The players are tired, but they are fine and it isn’t a face that’s worrying us.”

Dani Giménez and Álex Cobo in the roster: “He [Giménez] is fine and it’s more a precaution as we have a training session in the afternoon and we want to overcome any possible problem.”

Expectations for the game: “There will be times for everything and we will have to suffer, as we saw it during the first-leg. It’s a rival that will have the ball and we have to try to take it away, have long ball possessions and especially make good use of the transitions. You have to look for the opposite goal and defend as far as possible from ours. We have to score a goal, that's clear. I am not only worry about the start, I’m worry for the full 95 minutes. You have to be smart, mature the match and work it without giving up to attack. We will suffer, but I’m convinced that there are going to suffer too."

Realism: “The players were the first to enter the changing room repeating the phrase "it wasn’t done". We have to keep fighting because we haven’t achieved anything. They have it very clear. The difficulties are going to be larger than in the first game, but we have an advantage. The word that defines the group right now is realism. We live the reality, the team is fine and it doesn’t shy away from difficulties.”

Changes at the lineup: “It’s likely that we will refresh things, but we will see the last training. There are players with many minutes accumulated, others came without playing and the experience tells me that’s important to rest for the physical and mental stress. It will also condition the fact of knowing their strengths. The two wingers are going to do us a lot of damage, we have to be attentive. On the left side they have a determining player... we have to be balanced and disciplined."

4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1? “We are going to handle it throughout the day, we aren’t closed to possible variants, but we have worked with an idea and believe in it. We will see the best solutions and transmit them to the players, so that they can feel comfortable. What must give us security is to make good transitions, not to go crazy. We need to make fast transitions, something that didn’t happen to us in the first minutes of the first-leg, with precipitation and quick losses. The key is to have the ability to hit the first pass."

Bóveda & Quique González: “Eneko is practically 100% ready. Quique is wishing to enter and will like to have him as long as possible. We will valorize the situation after today’s training.“

Víctor Sánchez Del Amo addressed the media on Friday’s afternoon. He assures that Málaga CF need to be effective at both areas in order to succeed in this tie. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Believing in the comeback: “Our rival arrives with four goals in favour, but we scored two there in 45 minutes and now have 90 to score two more, though we will search for more together with the fans and it will be a plus for us. The comeback is possible.”

Málaga at home: “You have many arguments to believe in this team, among them the goal average, because we always scored three goals in the home games [with him on the bench], always surpassing difficulties, even playing with one less player, and having plenty of confidence in the players.”

Deportivo: “They had aim at the moment of defining and the penalty of the first goal was an accident that put them back into the game, later they were locked at the back after the 3-2 and it demonstrates the respect they have for us,, and then they seized the numeric advantage to score the fourth goal, because one of our players was outside the field.”

"When there is so much at stake, everyone's level goes up. We are in front of a team that comes from Primera and that has players at a very high level. We draw many positive conclusions after analyzing the game; we are convinced that, by adjusting some things that occurred in the second part, we will make a match of the level we need to overcome our opponent by two goals. "

Changes at the lineup? "With respect to Pau Torres, we have the training this afternoon and we are going to evaluate. He is under treatment. It’s a very strong blow on a knee in which he had another blow. We are hopeful, but until we see the training we don’t have more information. "

The key is to be effective: "Our thinking is that the comeback is possible. It’s our thought since the end of the Riazor’s game. We are convinced that we are ready for it, with the push of the fans. We propose a match to overcome our rival by more than two goals, trying to be very effective in attack and have better defensive effectiveness than we had at the Riazor in the second half. At specific moments we had some imbalances that Depor seized. We need to have maximum defensive effectiveness, to not give anything to the opponent and be competitive. " 




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