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14 Jan 2008
The papers in La Coru?±a applauded the defensive tactic implemented by Lotina, it was understood as an intelligent bet that allowed to support the debut of the 'rookies' Fabricio and Laure and to stop the offensive power of the rival. But once again, the papers emphasises the lack of ability in the striking zone and the error of Fabricio in Villarreal's second goal as the main reasons for the defeat.

La Opinion A Coru?±a: Neither with the pressure. Deportivo changed substantially at El Madrigal, the script that was developed in the previous games played away from the Riazor stadium. The team of Miguel Angel Lotina, with this tactic modification, won defensive security thanks to the pressure from the more offensive players and the union between the lines responsible for curbing the attacks of Villarreal. The position of the Canadian De Guzman, located in front of the four defenders, allowed to steal countless balls before they arrived at the foot of the Valencian strikers. The recuperation of the of North American international came thanks to the excellent pressure by Juan Rodriguez and Sergio, both were pushing over those responsible for organising the game in the team of Pellegrini. Bruno and Senna suffered and weren't able to combine with Pires, Cazorla, Nihat and Rossi.

Although this first pressure was carried out in the field of Villarreal, Deportivo's players always moved their lines to support the fellow who was trying to recover the ball and they were moving the line back with speed when this first attempt wasn't giving the desired results. With this provision tactic, Deportivo had more control over the ball than Villarreal. At the 20th minute, Miguel Angel Lotina had enjoyed the 56% of the ball possession.

With the area defended by Fabricio safe, Deportivo tried to reach the goals with quick counterattacks, but once again it became clear that this is not a style of game that the Blanquiazul team knows to explode. Riki was a setback to execute such actions while Guardado was not decided to deal with the rival when he had the chance to do it. This approach worked for Deportivo until the individualities of Villarreal put the game in the path of its interests. First, the mischievousness of Nihat taking advantage of a clearing by Fabricio, putting the game tied in two goals, and then again by placing a shot from the right side of the area. Those facts ended the meeting for Lotina's team, worst if we remember that Pablo Amo was expelled after committing a penalty on Tomasson. Once again, football was cruel with Deportivo, a team that has paid a huge price for each little error. The better thing, the attitude of the squad after an infernal week. Arturo Pati?±o.

AS (Madrid): Yesterday, Villarreal rediscovered the victory. It did it based in its punch, during a particular exchange of punches with a Deportivo that deserved more at El Madrigal. However, the luck is eluding a team that's going on drift in la liga, with a Lotina rather than questioned. Because Depor took the control of the game during big part of the encounter. It drowned the submarine in its line of creation, it left the rival without opportunities to create danger during the first half, it was against the ropes ... But just then, with the 1-2 on the scoresheet, Nihat appeared. The Turkish striker was responsible for turning the result in just three minutes, he restored tranquillity to a team that lived in a state of nerves, and that still has to be much better to regain his football of 2007. ?“scar Meg?­a.

La Voz de Galicia: A good strategy felt down for an error. Brave, yes; kamikaze, no. One thing is to risk with a kid form Fabril in the goal line, and quite another is to expose him to the beating of a well-armed adversary. That's why Lotina surrounded him with a 'triple pivote' at El Madrigal and with a withdrawal that worked so well until the 65th minute. The approach was clear for its defensive orientation: De Guzman, ahead of the defensive line and embedded in that sector with numerous attacks by Villarreal. And ahead of the Canadian, Sergio and Juan Rodriguez who were closing the frame in the centre and that were offering timely assistances on the wings. To this, it must be added an intensive withdrawal of the lines, a fact that worked well defensively and that was located near to the edge of the area.

The strategy mounted by Lotina stuck Villarreal, it was designed to decrease the effect caused by the lack of experience by Laure and Fabricio The goalkeeper only had to come into play at the 65th minute, and the side defender always played protected by a system of aids that made easier his job, because of the proximity of his companions in that narrow strip of land in which the Blanquiazul team played. The experience of Coloccini and Pablo Amo -sober the two central defenders- did the rest and left without the ball, and therefore no occasions, to Nihat, Pires, Rossi and company for two thirds of the duel in which Deportivo was impeccable at the back.

As for the offensive game, it's obvious that a withdrawal so intensive addresses the team to use the counterattacks. The theory was saying that Villarreal, in its quest to find the goal, would leave empty spaces at its back. And so it was. From the first moment, Guardado, Riki and Adrian were receiving the ball when they were alone, this three footballers that Lotina left with more freedom had options to define the match from the beginning.

Villarreal lasted 60 minutes to realise the absurdity of not been testing a newcomer as Fabricio, even with distant gunfire. And, unfortunately for the Blanquiazul team, it worked out. Fabril's keeper failed in the second goal of the team from Castellon, and there is where Depor lost the game. It was a shot that was even out of target and that the rookie, in his eagerness to do a good job, stopped just to leave a dead ball at the foot of Nihat. Moreover, Fabricio gave proofs of his immense future and little he could do in the other three goals scored by the opponent, including two penalties. In this Deportivo, very unbalanced, it isn't enough to score three goals -when it is able to do it- to win a game. Alfonso Andrade.

El Periodico del Mediterraneo (Castell??n): They say that faith is the last thing that should be lose, and it seems that nobody at Villarreal has lost confidence in a team that has enough resources to aspire to everything, but that was entering into a worrying spiral that was very negative. Yesterday, against the poorest Depor in one decade, the team of Pellegrini knew how to rectify its usual defensive errors to regain its pride, the punch enjoyed at the beginning of la liga and that was useful to reunite the team once again with a win, something  vital for its aspirations to finish in Champions League position.

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