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14 Jan 2008
Miguel ?ngel Lotina will give a new chance to Mun??a and Aouate, but first both keepers must talk between each other and they should ask for apologies to the fans, the Basque coach has gave a deadline: January 21. For the moment both players still sidelined from the group and they will train separately, Lotina also left an open door for the signing of a new goalkeeper.

Monday was a day for reunions, first coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina talked one by one with the captains of the team, later the Basque trainer had a meeting with Mun??a, Ribera -his second coach- and a legal advisor of the club, this meeting lasted thirty minutes. After this,  the Uruguayan keeper attended to Riazor and gave a press conference. Meanwhile, Lotina was talking with Aouate.

Later, Lotina released an statement in which he explained the measures that will be taken: "The first thing is that until next Monday, January 21, Aouate and Mun??a will remain training outside the team, although it will be at the club (Abegondo) and under the supervision of a coach. I give them this week in order to behave as professionals, to resolve their differences and clarify the things, under the exigency that this can't happen again."

The statement continued: "Besides, they should ask for apologies to the rest of their team mates, components that are surprised and upset with what has happened. I also demand they should ask for apologies to our fans, they should be loyal with them too. It's clear that in order to see things back to normal again, they should fulfil this requirements: to talk between each other, to ask forgiveness to their partners and also to the fans. Without this two things, the coaches and the players won't accept them back in the group."

In resume, Aouate and Mun??a will train separately during the present week, while Fabricio will continue to be the starting keeper in the first squad, at least for the liga game at Almer?­a. Lotina gave one week to both keepers in order to resolve the dispute between each other and to ask forgiveness to the whole squad and to the fans. Then on Monday, Lotina will resume the case and a final decision will be taken.

Lotina was asked if he would keep trusting in Fabricio for the rest of the season, his response was: "We will see, now they (Mun??a and Aouate) are the ones that will decide, and I hope they will take the right decision for the good of Depor. If nothing occurs, we will stay with Fabricio or maybe we will sign a new keeper, but we won't try to elude the case."

The Basque coach also confirmed that the captains in the squad were the ones that influenced in his change of opinion, on Saturday Lotina said that he would take severe measures in this case, but he changed his mind after talking with the captains in the squad.

In order to fulfil the petitions of Lotina, Gustavo Mun??a was the first one that talked in order to ask for mercy "I will start asking for apologies to a partner like Dudu Aouate for all the things that have happened between us, also to his family, to all his environment, to all the people he could met, for sure they aren't fine with this case. The true this situation is uncomfortable, a shame."

The Uruguayan keeper also talked for the first time about the incident with Aouate, and his version was complete different to the one gave by Aouate previously "We were discussing, I never thought this thing will reach this level. Who is involved in this thing called football should know how are the things, sometimes you have ten seconds of anger, we went out for each other, we even weren't close to each other when the things started. What I thought is that this thing would stay inside the changing room, but it came out and that's why I am here right now."

Mun??a admitted that Aouate's last week declarations were the ones that started the fire, but he said that he won't have a problem to discuss the case with the same Aouate, asked about his opinion after Dudu said that he won't return if Mun??a stays in the club, his response was: "I don't know, sincerely. what I want is to solve this situation for the good of the club. This isn't personal, we are representing an important club as Deportivo." For the moment, Aouate hasn't said anything in order to fulfil Lotina's demands.

The meetings between Lotina and his goalkeepers weren't the only ones at Plaza de Pontevedra, it was also know that president Lendoiro had a late reunion on Sunday's with his main two advisors -Richard Moar and  Eduardo L??pez 'Beci'- apparently in order to discuss the possible exit of Lotina, for the moment the job of the Basque trainer still in danger, although it seems that no radical decisions will be taken before the match against UD Almer?­a.

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