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14 Jan 2008
The resolution of the dispute between Aouate and Mun??a has left more questions than answers. First, the Uruguayan keeper gave a different version about what happened in Depor's changing room on the past Friday. Later on Monday, Lotina gave his version of the story, while Aouate told the opposite thing a few minutes later. Who's lying and who's telling the truth?

The crisis in la liga is starting to affect the things occurring inside the squad, unfortunately coach Miguel Angel Lotina has lost the control over the situation. Everything begun with the dispute between goalkeepers Dudu Aouate and Gustavo Mun??a. Both had a fight at Abegondo after Friday's training, the origin of this fight was the declarations made by the Israeli keeper one day later -he was complaining about been a replacement.

Here is where the first contradiction appears, because Aouate told to reporters that Mun??a came and hit him without any reason, but the Uruguayan told a different story on Monday, according to him, both players were searching for the fight: "We went out for each other, we even weren't close to each other when the things started." And there's another version in which Taborda and Bodipo were involved in the fight, so far nobody has came out to confirm this last version.

And the contradictions don't end on here, because Lotina had an interview with Radio Cadena Ser on Monday's night. The Basque coach was trying to explain the reasons why he decided to exclude both keepers from the squad. Journalist Germ??n Dobarro affirmed that Aouate was criticising the tactics of the coach during internal conversations with the rest of the players, an act that was described by the reporter as an 'intoxication' inside the squad. Lotina didn't want to confirm this issue.

But Lotina confessed that Aouate was reclaiming to him a starting role in the squad, as the same coach said: "He told me: I want to be a starter yes or yes. Although he told me this with correct words. But he said that he was needing to be the starting keeper, yes or yes. I responded that I won't accept that and that he should talk with the president in order to search for an exit, because I can't assure him the starting spot. I want him back on the team, but the boss on here is me."

Later Dudu Aouate came out and refused this situation, declarations that he gave to the same Radio Cadena Ser "In my whole life I have requested something like that to any coach" was his response. But later the Israeli assured that Depor's coach has been unfair with him "I believe that he's losing the respect for me, starting with the copa game against Espanyol, he didn't let me play that game."

And Aouate continued with the conversation assuring that Lotina hasn't spoke with him since he was left on the bench. Besides, the ex-Racing keeper denied the version that he is 'intoxicating' the squad with his declarations behind closed doors "They are accusing me of something that I haven't done, there no proof to justify this."

He also assured that some players inside the squad have called him in order to give him their support, although he didn't mentioned the names. Asked about the fact that the suspension over him was arranged between Lotina and the captains in the squad, Aouate replied with this comment "I was captain at Santander, a place where the captain was chosen for the same players, not like here where the captain is chosen for the time they spent in the club."

The squad had a free day on Tuesday and will resume the trainings on Wednesday, Aouate and Mun??a will train separately, because as Lotina decided, in order to see them back in the team, they should talk between them and they should give apologies to each other and the fans, a fact that Mun??a already did. So far, Aouate has maintained silence about Lotina's petitions.

No matter who's telling the true and who's lying, all this contradictions indicates that the situation isn't fine inside the squad, a fact that won't help the team in order to continue in its quest for the permanence. Maybe the most disturbing thing is to realise that the dispute inside the team is not only between Aouate and Mun??a, but also between the Israeli player and coach Lotina. It's also worrying to realise how the Basque coach is staring to lose the control over the players.

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