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01 Aug 2019
Deportivo won the Cidade de Pontevedra trophy after a 2-1 win over CD Tenerife and a goalless draw with Pontevedra. Borja Galán was the best man for the Galicians.

Deportivo disputed on Wednesday the 42nd edition of the Cidade de Pontevedra trophy, it was a three-side tournament in which Los Blanquiazules faced Segunda B club Pontevedra CF and Segunda side CD Tenerife, each game was lasting 45 minutes.

Juan Antonio Anquela picked 22 players for both games, 8 of them were lads from Fabril (Álex Cobo, Bourdal, Marti Vila, Mujaid, Iago Gandoy, David Sánchez, Valín & Javi Sánchez). The big novelty was that Michele Somma and Pedro Sanchez were picked for the first time on the pre-season.

Christian Santos and >Diego Rolan were the players out injured, while the coach decided to give rest to David Simón, Cartabia, Dani Giménez and Pedro Mosquera. These four men are dragging issues, though they are training with the group during the daily sessions. 

The first game ended 0-0 between Pontevedra CF and CD Tenerife, then Depor faced the Canarians in the second match. Anquela presented a 4-3-3 draw with only one Fabril’s player on: centre-back Mujaid. The six signings made so far were also starters.

The game between the two Segunda outfits had speed, Depor were attempting fast transitions lead by Koné, while CD Tenerife played through the counterattack. Soon, the Canarians started to look as the most organized team on the pitch and had longer ball possessions.

The first chance to score came at minute 11 as Malbašić missed by inches a corner-kick from the right, and the first goal arrived only one minute later and it was in similar circumstances, a cross from the right was headed by Naranjo, and his downward attempt was impossible for Koke Vegas.

CD Tenerife continued dominated and had two straight corner-kicks. Depor were only able to break their dominance after a long pass of Gaku allowed Borja Galán to enter the area by the left corner, after losing the ball, he fought to get it back and was fouled, the referee whistled the penalty and Ager Aketxe equalized from the spot.

The game was loose after the goal, both Depor and CD Tenerife were finding a lot of room on the field, but weren’t creating scoring chances.  It called the attention the position of Gaku Shibasaki, who was acting as a third centre-back in the attempt to move the ball from the back, but the best player was Borja Galán as he participated in the playoff both goals.

The best chance for CD Tenerife in this frame was a one-on-one action of Naranjo that was blocked by Koke Vegas (35’). Two minutes later Koné was about to score after stealing the ball at the edge of the area, but his volley went close to the crossbar.  And Depor scored the winning goal in the following play, Bóveda released a high cross from the right that Borja Galán headed into the near post of Ortolá.

Deportivo: Koke Vegas – Bóveda, Lampropoulos, Mujaid, Caballo – Vicente Gómez, Álex Bergantiños, Gaku – Aketxe, Koné, Borja Galán.
Tenerife: Ortolá - Luis Pérez, Alberto, Samuel, Mazan - Bermejo, Aitor Sanz - Milla, Naranjo, Suso – Malbašić.
Goals: 0-1: (11’) Naranjo, 1-1: (21’) Aketxe (penalty), 2-1: (38’) Borja Galán
Venue: Pasarón

For the second game, Anquela kept the same starting eleven with the exception of Álex Cobo, who was the goalkeeper.  Pontevedra CF started the game trying to push forward, but it was Deportivo the side having the first chance to score, Gaku collected the ball at the right corner of the box and his strong shot hit the net by the outside (2’).

Two minutes later Koné was able to seize a pass from Vicente Gómez and the ball ended at the boots of keeper Edu Sousa. The next chance to score came at minute 10, a long ball possession for Depor ended with Caballo collecting the ball at the left corner of the area, he assisted Gaku, who missed the target firing from close range.

Depor started to look better and Koné could have scored at minute 13, but a defender cleared the ball first after a cross from Caballo. Then the pace was cut after Anquela made nine changes, only Cobo and Mujaid stayed on the pitch.

Despite the facelift, this “new” Deportivo continued to look better than the locals. At minute 25, Bourdal headed the ball after a corner-kick from the left and his attempt went close to the far post. Before that play, Somma had replaced Mujaid, the Italian was making his first appearance in the pre-season.

At minute 34, David Sánchez made a great solo play at the edge of the area and his shot went close to the crossbar. Two minutes later substitute López attempted a shot that was blocked by Álex Cobo.  Then Borja Valle could have scored after a long pass from Gerard Valentín, he managed to pass the keeper, but the ball stayed a little short and Edu caught it.  Pedro Sánchez could have scored in the added time, but he sent the ball out after collecting a cross from the left.

Pontevedra: Edu – Nacho López, Berrocal, Campillo, Naveira – Sana, Álex González – Álex Fernández, Romay, Adibe – Bustos.
Deportivo: Álex Cobo  – Bóveda (Valín 15’), Lampropoulos (Bourdal 15’), Mujaid (Somma 24’), Caballo (Vilà 15’) – Vicente Gómez (Iago Gandoy 15’), Álex Bergantiños (David Sánchez 15’), Gaku (Valentín 15’) – Aketxe (Javi Sánchez 15’), Koné (Borja Valle 15’), Borja Galán (Pedro Sánchez 15’).
Venue: Pasarón



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