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16 Jan 2008
The four captains in the squad -Valer??n, Manuel Pablo, Sergio and Coloccini- gave a press conference after Wednesday's training at Abegondo. The players explained the reasons why Dudu Aouate was punished although they refused the idea the Israeli keeper has 'contaminated' the squad. Lotina also released his statement about the case. It's also know that Aouate isn't happy with his case, reason why his agent is trying to arrange a meeting with Lendoiro.

Yesterday, the squad started to prepare the clash with Almer?­a (Sunday 17h00). After the training session, captains Valer??n, Manuel Pablo, Sergio and  Coloccini gave a press conference in order to try to put an end to the polemic that has surrounded the squad about the conflict between Aouate, Mun??a and coach Lotina.

The captains argued that both keepers did the wrong things, first Dudu Aouate for emitting his 'selfish' declarations and later Gustavo Mun??a for reacting with violence. As Sergio explained: "It isn't a relation cause-effect, what Aouate did can't justify the punch made by Mun??a." The four players asked for unity. For this, they said that Mun??a must ask for apologies to Aouate, while the Israeli keeper has to do the same with his team mates.

It was clear that Depor's captains aren't content with Aouate's last week declarations -"I don't know why the coach has put me on the bench, but it's unfair"- however they refused the accusations emitted by Radio Cadena Ser  in which the keeper was accused of been 'contaminating' the squad, as Valer??n said: "When Dudu makes a declaration that's thinking more in him than in his team mates, it isn't good according to us, but that doesn't means he is a bad partner."

Later Coloccini was asked for the reasons why Aouate must give apologies to the rest of his team mates, the response of the Argentinean defender was: "There are some causes that you don't know and that you won't ever know, things that should remain in the changing room. There isn't a more guilty person nor somebody that's less guilty, we just have two guilty people on here. One for causes that aren't public and the other one for a punch, both are guilty."

Coach Lotina said on Saturday that Deportivo would take 'severe' measures with Mun??a and Aouate, but later he changed his mind after a conversation with Depor's captains. It was them who decided that both players shouldn't be excluded from the squad, although later Lotina put his conditions. Valer??n wanted to explain the reason why Depor's captains think that both keepers should stay in the team "For the sporting situation that we are living, we think we need both keepers. We would like to be focused in the sporting subject. The only think that we want is to search for the best thing for the team."

After this press conference, coach Miguel Angel Lotina released an statement about this matter "I release this communication in order to close the unfortunate incident occurred on the past week. I want to insist with  the same idea of past days, that the better thing for everybody, but specially for our club, is to be focused in the sporting issue and to left behind what isn't related to football."

Lotina's statement continued and the coach said that the possible sanctions over Depor's keepers depends on the club "I insist that I never thought that Aouate was the black sheep in the squad, nor I wanted to say something similar to this idea. I simply think he hasn't been fine in some things, for that reason and according to the agreement with the captains, we asked him to express his apologies to his team mates and the fans. I invited the player, always according to what was discussed with the captains, to have a meeting with Mun??a in order to solve the things between them, just as two responsible professionals must act. As I warned on this week, I leave in the hands of the club's directors the possible sanctions that might be applied." 

On Tuesday, the four captains in the squad and coach Lotina had a lunch meeting in order to try to put calm at Deportivo. They discussed the measures taken by the club about the case with Aouate and Mun??a, and probably the declarations that would be released during the press conference.

Who isn't happy at all with the situation is Dudu Aouate, the Israeli keeper doesn't understand why he was punished, after all, it was him who was hit by Mun??a. That's why the agent of the player, Gustavo Crmko, has travelled to La Coru?±a in order to discuss with Lendoiro the case. As he said to reporters: "What we won't allow is to see the victim looking like a guilty person. Dudu possess a remarkable career and we won't accept this spark in his image and that people would be saying that he has divided the group. I don't have words to describe this, because this is incredible. Besides, the declarations of Mun??a are a shame. There wasn't a previous discussion before the fight, nothing of nothing, and everybody knows that. He just hit him in the face."

For the moment, Mun??a and Aouate will train separately at Abegondo, the Israeli worked yesterday on the evening, while the Uruguayan player did the same two hours later. Both under the supervision of the Jos?© Sambade -Depor's goalkeepers trainer. Both players will remain sidelined until next Monday, then the club will decide what to do with them.

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