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09 Aug 2019
Goalkeeper Dani Giménez addressed the media and previewed the game with Betis, he is aware that the exits have affected the level of the team, but is confident that the new Deportivo will be better than the one of last year.

Dani Giménez addressed the media on Thursday; he was talking of the Teresa Herrera game with Betis, “Against the rivals of entity we have seen new things to the team, a way to stand on the pitch. Betis is one of the strongest at Primera, they have variants that will be good for us. We will not find their quality at Segunda, but those fast, quality and strong players for the counterattack will put us against the ropes for many minutes and that is what we want. That is beautiful for the viewer and serves the team.”

Later he was talking of the composition of the team for the new campaign, “Probably the five best players have left, but we have to look solid and be a committed team. Good people have arrived and good people will continue to arrive. Once we internalize the system and know how to tighten, when we attach those three or four pieces, between those who stay and those who have come, then we will be a different Deportivo and it will be better than last year.”

“What we want to achieve is to not depend of punctual players, like it happened in certain moments of last season, because a player was out and it seemed that the level went down. We are working on that and everyone should know how to do things simpler. Also, all the players that stayed have a thorn nailed very deeply that will help us as a warning, it will push us to make a better season compared to last year.” He added.

The goalkeeper didn’t give importance to the poor level of the team shown in the friendly games, “We are pulling a lot of young people from Fabril, they are doing a good work and we have a heavy routine during the trainings, with a double shift every day, so we can have a good start to the season. Truly we haven’t had brilliance in offence, but in every game the team has been improving in facts that will be important throughout the season, and when the new players arrive, then they will find a team that knows what it’s doing and it will be easier to assimilate the concepts. We saw some good things in the games with Ponferradina and Unionistas, maybe we aren’t fresher than Fabril’s players.”

Finally, Dani Giménez thanked the fans for the support as the club is close to reach the 20,000 socios, “There was a spectacular communion at the end of last season, and it was a very big disappointment. But they answer again. The general feeling of the squad is that, when the league starts, they will live it again, the new ones are delighted. It will be helpful in order to give more level than the one they have. When people are with you, then you give more than your limit, you give the maximum and that will be important. Surely, we will have it. If they have doubts... you have to be realistic, important players have left, but every year the squad and the hope are renewed.”



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