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10 Aug 2019
Anquela talked before the meeting with Real Betis. The coach is content with the work done in the pre-season and foresees the most difficult game in the stage.

Coach Juan Antonio Anquela addressed the media on Friday as the preview of the Teresa Herrera trophy. He talked of Betis and the status of the team as the league season is about to start. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Debut at the Riazor: “It’s pretty to play an important trophy as the Teresa Herrera. I repeat, it’s very pretty and let’s hope that everything will go well.”

What Depor do you want to see? “A daring Depor, a team that’s trying to do what we practice each day. And let’s see if we keep assimilating the concepts and growing as a team.”

Feelings as the pre-season is ending: “For me things are more than positive, we are discovering people that we didn’t know. I am talking of the lads from the academy. The team is matching the level; let’s see if we can build up a good team.”

Betis: “We are going to face a good team, they know what they want and practice good football. Evidently it will be complicated. But we will use our resources and let’s see if we can compete at the highest level. We are going to face Betis, a team from Primera that’s among the best; it’s going to be the most demanding test.”

Is the team at the level that you expected? “As long as the market is as it is in Spain, all the teams are testing as we still have two or three weeks to close the market and anything can happen. We only hope that good things can happen to us.”

Fabril’s players: “I expect a lot from them because each day they demonstrate what they have. I believe there are good players that can compete. If they have to play they will do it. If not they will wait for their moment.”

Missing players at the market: “I only miss to know who will be the ones that will be here, but well, the issue will be cleared soon. I can only think of the ones that are here, trying to build up a team and compete.”

What’s the style that Anquela will impose? “I don’t know. I will like to know it too. I have in my head what I want. What we need is to be realistic and think, only that, to think. We are a new team as charismatic people have left, surely they were among the best in the league, and even then it wasn’t possible to achieve what was wanted. Now my job is easy: to make a team and believe in what we want, use our weapons and that’s it.”

“We will keep using the draw that we used in the previous games, we will try to be strong in our beliefs and nothing more. I cannot tell you we are doing this and that, because football doesn’t allow you to do that. That thing of the style starts at the Playstation, later I will not cut the initiative of the player. I want a daring team that tries to play the farthest possible from our goal. I just want to compete and for that we only need to have our people feeling involved.” 




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