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11 Aug 2019
Deceiving score; Deportivo were better in large stages of the meeting, but the punch of the fourth place at the last Liga Iberdola was too much for the Galicians.

Coach Manu Sánchez picked all the available ladies for the game; Miriam, Laura, Silvia Mérida and Nuria Rábano were out injured. But all the new signings were in: Esther Sullastres, Misa, Noelia Villegas, María Méndez and Athenea Del Castillo. The rival for the 7th female edition of the Teresa Herrera was another Primera club: UD Granadilla Tenerife. The Canarians ended 4th in the previous campaign.

The game started with Deportivo pushing in attack, but it was the Canarian outfit the one that was going to score an early goal. An error on the right ended with a cross that María José sent into the back of the net. Three minutes later Raissa was close to increase the lead, but his header went wide.

After these actions, Depor Ladies lost the impulse and Granadilla started to control the game at will, always pushing on the right wing and looking superior in one-on-one plays. And the second goal arrived. A lateral free-kick ended with a cross that Sullastres couldn’t defend and María José was there to head the ball in.

And the third goal arrived soon, again an attack on the left ended with a pass searching for Raissa, who scored with a strong shot from the edge of the area. Granadilla only needed 25 minutes to define the Teresa Herrera, the difference between the two teams wasn’t as big as the scoresheet was saying, but the punch of the Canarians is a warning of what the ladies will find at Primera División

Still, Depor Ladies started to react at the middle of the half, after a long combinative play, Athenea Del Castillo missed the target firing from the edge of the area (31’). Three minutes later the same attacker was close to collect a long pass from midfield, but visiting goalie Aline arrived first.

Then Iris missed the target in a long play at the edge of the area (35’). The best chance for Depor Ladies came at minute 40, Alba Merino was about to collect a drilling cross from Gabi,but he collided with Aline and then a defender cleared the ball almost at the goal line.

Tere Abelleira and goalkeeper Misa entered at halftime and the local pressure continued, only 40 seconds after the start, Gaby was left alone against the keeper, but the actions was invalidated for a doubtful foul. Four minutes later, Tere Abelleira attempted with a strong shot from the edge of the area after been assisted by Michelle Romero and the ball went wide.

At minute 52, a collective play on the left between Tere Abelleira, Gaby and Michelle Romero ended with the latter firing a strong shot that Aline had problems to clear at the goal line. At minute 59, Granadilla had its first chance in the half, Maria José was left alone inside the area, but his drilling cross couldn’t be met by substitute Tatiana.

And then Depor found a deserved goal, Athenea fought for the ball and it ended rebounded in a defender, Alba Merino met the loose ball at the edge of the area and released a strong volley into the far post. Then Kika and Peke replaced Maya Yamamoto and Michelle Romero.

Granadilla assumed a more passive role, searching for the counterattack, while Depor Ladies were still pressing in attack, mainly concentrating the attacks on the right, with Tere Abelleira and Gaby heading the charge. But two new goals for the visiting side were going to kill the game.

The Canarians found the fourth goal in an error, first Iris lost the ball at midfield, then Misa failed to contain a cross and Tatiana scored with a great volley from outside the area. And only two minutes later the fifth goal arrived in an impressive shot of Silvia Doblado that hit the far post and went in.

Depor Ladies could have scored a new goal, but Merino headed the ball out in a corner-kick action (75’). The last fifteen minutes lost the brilliance of the previous minutes as both teams were tired. Manu Sánchez made the last changes as Erika, Patri López and Alba Suárez entered the field.

Deportivo: Sullastres (Misa 46’) - Cris, Méndez, Noelia Villegas, Patri Díaz (Tere Abelleira 46’) - Iris, Alba Merino (Érika 70’), Maya Yamamoto (Kika 61’) – Athenea (Patri López 76’), Gaby (Alba Suárez 76’), Michelle Romero (Peke 61’).
Granadilla: Aline Reis - Aleksandra (Cindy García 46’), Jujuba (Natalia 46’), Patri Gavira, Pisco - Eva Llamas, Raissa, Koko (Martín-Prieto. 46’), Silvia Doblado - Joyce Borini (Tatiana 46’), María José (Ana González 68’).
Goals: 0-1: (5’) María José, 0-2: (21’) María José, 0-2: (24’) Raissa, 1-3: (60’) Alba Merino, 1-4: (72’) Tatiana, 1-5 (74’) Silvia Doblado
Referee: Beatriz Cuesta Arribas. She showed yellow card to Alba Merino (21’).
Venue: Riazor.




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