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16 Aug 2019
Winger Borja Galán believes that Depor are ready to debut in liga. He is happy with the opportunities had during the pre-season and also talked of Anquela’s system.

Borja Galán addressed the media after Thursday’s training; he is feeling positive as the season is about to start, “I feel very well. I am counting on the confidence of the coach, having minutes, and wishing that he continues this way. I find myself quite comfortable in both wings. On the left I am better moving out in order to shot on target, and on the right, it makes it easier for me to make crosses. These are two variants of my game and then you will see the coach deciding where he sees it’s better. ”

“Both the coach and Carmelo have given me confidence. In the end what you want is to play, compete and be able to help the team. I came here wanting to work, to earn a spot and give my best. Then it's not me who decides who should play. ” He added.

About the upcoming game with Real Oviedo, the winger commented that, “I think we arrive quite well. The sensations are good, both physically and at the game level. And now we are looking forward to transfer it into the real competition. The other day we played a good game, but you need to be careful. It is not necessary to think that we are the best just for defeating Betis “.

Finally, Galán is content with the system implemented by Anquela, “Personally I feel very comfortable with this way of playing. Pressing, attempting a quick output of the ball having spaces. Not only me, the whole team is going to be physically demanding, because it is a way of playing that requires you to be at your best to squeeze most of the time. ”



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