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18 Aug 2019
Anquela debuts with Depor and does it facing his former team. He is positive ahead of the debut, but knows that the league is going to be hard.

Juan Antonio Anquela addressed the media on Friday. He is satisfied with the preparation of the team during the pre-season and  foresees a tough game against his former club. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Feelings before the debut in liga: “The feelings are good. I believe the team is in a very acceptable phase and I must stay with that. It is what the players tell me in the day by day.”

The fans are excited after the Teresa Herrera: “I see that the team is fine. What happens next is that it isn’t helpful to me. There were games during the pre-season that weren’t good, now we compete with teams from our same level. It’s always easier to face a Primera División club and that isn’t helpful to me. I will love to have another scenario, but it isn’t sure.”

Will you repeat the lineup of the Teresa Herrera? “Sort or less. We must wait for the latest news, but it should be around that.”

Fede Cartabia: “He still has a couple of days of permission in order to fix his situation.”

Is special the game with Oviedo? “Yes, evidently it’s special. It’s always special and a joy to face Oviedo. If I am facing Oviedo it is because we are at the highest level. Let’s see if we can make a good game and compete as any game needs. I don’t have any thorn, contrary to that it will be a pleasure. I know the rival that we are going to meet, and I can tell you that it won’t be easy.”

Peru Nolaskoain: “I see on him a good centre-back and also a man that has played as a centre midfielder for a long time. But lately he has been playing as a centre-back, and I see him performing at both positions. He can play at both positions. One day he can perform as a centre-back and the other day at midfield. He is versatile and will surely help us. He is ready to play as he was training with a Primera side, another thing is that we will put him or not.”

Players with physical problems: “We are fine in that regard. We have many people ready and willing to make a good game.”

Is the first game always difficult? “We must stay with the fact that it is a Segunda game, facing a team that will surely be at the top. We must compete from the first play to the last one if we want to get the result.”

Is Oviedo a candidate to promotion? “Yes, like the remaining 20 clubs. On here everyone is ready to do it, later the competition will put you in your position, but we don’t know when.”

What should the fans request from the team? “To dispute every game with the intention of winning. We will always go out in order to win, and if we have the needed aim, then we will do it, if not then we must continue working. In this Segunda División nothing is giving for free.”
How to compete when the market isn’t closed yet: “It is like this and you need to be adapted. I am not affected by this if I am thinking of this game. It’s the same situation of all the teams as there isn’t any team with a closed squad yet. The only incongruity on here is that, today, a player can perform for us and next week he can do it against us. For me it isn’t serious in a league that wants to be big.”

Sergio Egea also talked on Friday; he replaced Anquela at the end of last season and is living a second stage at the club. The Argentine coach talked of the state of his squad, a possible formation and the physical problems of some men. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Return to Oviedo for a second stage: "I am very happy in Oviedo. We are in a very organized club; we have to work hard, because we already have the rest. I am a man of harmony, very positive and willing to add. We have to worry about training and that the boys give the maximum performance."

Meeting with Anquela: This not an Egea against Anquela, with him there is nothing. This game belongs to the players and the coaches only manage and assemble the teams. The one that best behaves among both teams will be the one who takes the game, but you must always respect the rival and the teammates. "

Arribas, Nieto and Bárcenas aren’t totally fit:: "We have to remain calm, they are good players, but the physical base is important. If we hurry things, then they can break and we are not interested in that. The players that have arrived will collaborate, but there is a previous job that was done well.”

Sergio Ortuño: "The case of Ortuño is different among those who arrived late, he will play, because he came with a physical base that was obtained during the pre-season with Albacete. It was the number nine that we were looking for and the club made a great effort to get him."

Lineup with three centre midfielders: "The injury of Joselu and the late arrival of Bárcenas has made us seek to build a system with which we can compete in the best possible way with the players we have healthy."

Edu Cortina could play if Jimmy remains suspended: "He recovered very well from the injury, he had a groin problem. I still say that the Vetusta boys [Oviedo B] are prepared and can play at any time. You have to throw them on the field and show confidence. They are Asturian, from Oviedo, they were formed here and we are very happy because they play very well. They are becoming professionals and I am very calm."

The rivals for the promotion: "There is no simple rival, if we think that someone is easy by its name then we won’t do the right thing. We have to respect all the teams. If we relax, then we will take a toll."

VAR: "There have been many mistakes, goals that should not have been, expulsions... It’s an important tool for the referee. The controversy has been removed, which was very nice, but this no longer fails. Before we approached the cafeterias and there were some controversies. That, which was the essence, was removed. " 




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