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20 Aug 2019
Exciting game to open the season, new faces and new virtues, but some also old errors that are resurfacing, plus the first big decision of the VAR system.

The seven notes from the game Vs. Real Oviedo:

1- Entertaining opener to the season: Many times the first game on the season is boring and full of inaccuracies, but this could turn to be one of the most vibrant games of Depor’s season. It had of everything, two teams that allowed the rival to play, therefore the game was fast and there were five goals, a comeback from a 2-0, a ball that hit the post, plus the first ever decision of the VAR system affecting a result for Deportivo.

2- Mistakes from the past: Deportivo left the feeling of been dragging the main errors from last season. Firstly, it had a two-goal advantage and the team fell down after allowing a goal, just like it happened against CD Tenerife (2-2, December 8). Secondly, Los Blanquiazules had the same problem at the moment of creating game, last season Edu Expósito had to move backwards in order to find the ball, just to be later disconnected from the attackers. Now the same was happening to Gaku Shibasaki, who has inherited the role.

3- New faces: Three new additions were on the spotlight. Ager Aketxe, Gaku Shibasaki and Mamadou Koné. Aketxe was missing in action in large frames of the games, but was the player with more shots (5). His long-distance attempts represent a resource that Depor didn’t have on last season. The Japanese was among the best players in the game, always having criterion in the passes and the new director of the game. Then Koné adds speed and unbalance, he could have scored in the first big chance in the game and later found the goal collecting a loose ball.
4- Defending the aerial game: Not a good start for the defence as Depor had problems defending the aerial game. Oviedo’s first goal witnessed a passive attitude defending a lateral free-kick, the second goal also exposed the slowness of the defence, Álex lost the ball and Caballo was bad placed defending his side, the result was a cross that left a rival alone in the middle of both centre-backs. A lot to polish for Anquela.

5- The late changes from Anquela: In his first game at the Riazor Anquela left the feeling of reacting too late, he didn’t change anything with the 2-0, perhaps more pause at midfield would have changed the events. The fact is that he only made the substitutions when the score was 2-2, and it was to put two strikers on the field. On the press room he explained that the changes were delayed because he was going to change Borja Galán, but later realized that Koné was having issues, the he hesitated when the first goal arrived.

6- Christian Santos: Venezuelan Christian Santos could be finding the starring role that he has missed at Deportivo. Last season he was the player that came from the bench in more opportunities (15) and 2 of his 3 goals came with him entering in the second half, now story is repeated and it might help him to get an opportunity as a starter, though the competence will be tough with the arrival of Longo.

7- First intervention of the VAR: The technology finally arrived to the Riazor and it helped to win the game. The goal of Koné had been invalidated for an offside, but later the referee changed the decision after the VAR official rechecked the images.



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