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23 Aug 2019
Ex-Depor Luisinho conceded an interview to La Voz de Galicia; the left-back will be a starter in Sunday’s game at SD Huesca and he foresees the game and the situation of both teams.

Q: In the last game you were reunited with Pepe Mel.
A: Yes, we met before we started and when the game ended. I was much happier than him, of course. They have a very difficult situation there, without being able to sign and with few players. Still, the team is good.

Q: What about Huesca?
A: We have a good squad. Here they have signed well, and things are working out. There’s an interesting mix between veterans and young people with great potential. Defensively we are very strong, it’s difficult to create chances against us, because we are very intense starting from the attackers.

Q: But you are missing centre-backs.
A: Yes. We need them urgently. We only have Pulido. There is also Kike, a lad from the academy that did very well in Las Palmas, but at least two more have yet to arrive.

Q: Starting by Insua.
A: We are delighted with that possibility. He was with us and we know he is a great kid and a very good footballer. And good players are wanted everywhere.

Q: Even in A Coruña.
A: It's logical that there’s interest from such important clubs, but I think he will be better here; We almost have more Galicians than Depor [he laughs]. We are a small colony. Surely he will feel as comfortable as at home. I want him here with me.

Q: Among those Galicians, you have Mosquera, who already debuted as a starter and played a great game.
A: I see Pedro happy here. A Coruña is his home and I don't know what happened to see him out of there, but now he is happy, eager to help, and we are delighted to have him. In recent years, things may not turn out well, but we are aware of his quality and perhaps what he needed was a change. Against Las Palmas, he started very well and we are going to see a cheerful Pedro. The group is good and humble, and he will contribute with his experience.

Q: Juan Carlos has also joined the team, with whom you had a clash years ago at Depor. I guess you have already forgotten the incident.
A: Juan Carlos is a great person. The incident will remain there, but among us it is forgotten, of course. He is a formidable boy and a high-level player. I am delighted to have him with us.

Q: What does Michel’s Huesca offer?
A: This Huesca wants the ball to treat it well. Michel defends that idea and is convinced that we have the right squad. He is transmitting his way of watching football in a very close way, it is easy to talk to him, and although we are starting the tournament, I am convinced that we can have a great season.

Q: Have you lost hope after the relegation?
A: No way. Absolutely not. I see people as excited as with the debut at Primera. It was a tough year, but it was enjoyed for being able to be with the best teams and looking forward to a possible return. The squad is looking great and the hope has been recovered.

Q: And what do you think of Depor?
A: Against Oviedo I thought it was a very good team. Ordered, with clear ideas and high-level players for the league. A clear candidate for promotion.

Q: Your friend Longo already debuted.
A: Yes. Last winter he had commented that Depor were interested in him and I was glad of his signing. I have no doubt that he will be delighted there, both by the club and by the city. He is a very good forward for the league and he will have the perfect scenario to stand out.

Q: You also returned last weekend after a long injury. And you played the whole game.
A: I'm incredibly happy to have played an official match again. In addition, without stopping within the ninety minutes and without any discomfort. The injury has been forgotten, luckily. Well, because of that and because I was in good hands. The decision to operate in A Coruña was the best I could have taken, both by Dr. Arriaza and the whole team, and physios like Adán, who was at Depor. It was hard not to play in seven months, but now I am perfectly fit. I am happy.

Q: And now you are going to face Depor.
A: It's going to be very weird. I spent some incredible years in A Coruña and at Depor. Both my family and me. Now I have to be a rival, but the love for the club and the people there hasn’t disappeared. It will be a complicated game that will be resolved by details, because there is not a big difference between both teams. And for me it will certainly be very special.



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