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25 Aug 2019
Depor’s coach analyzed the situation of the team and foresees a moved game for Sunday, while Huesca’s coach was talking of the new signings at the centre of the defence.

Juan Antonio Anquela addressed the media on Friday; he analyzed the market and the situation of the team, while he also explained why the game at El Alcoraz is going to be tough. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Game at Huesca: “It’s a strong rival, because they have spent a while doing the right things. Now it’s a team that’s healthy in an economic sense. We are similar as both teams have similar points. We all have the same level. We are just going there with the idea of competing and doing the right things in order to win.”

Changes at the lineup? “Normally, I like continuity, but we will make changes if we have to do it. But as I told the players: we are going nowhere with only 11 players. We have to carry 18 and from there not everyone plays. The ones entering should raise the bar and we have players for that.”

 Huesca is full of ex-Depor players: “I don’t know if this could affect, every head is a different world; each one thinks in one way. But they are good players and it’s going to be a moved afternoon.”

Huesca is also a former club for Anquela: “I have been there in two stages, in the first we were only surviving at Segunda B. Problems everywhere. In the second, we took part of the playoff to Segunda División. Now we are facing a team that’s coming from Primera. Their progression is infinite, why? Because they have a healthy economy. You can go anywhere like that. Numancia is another example.”

Caballo: “He is fine and I don’t think he will have problems. He has trained and will be in the roster. He is wearing a mask and will have to use it, because he needs to protect that zone.”

Luiz Ruiz: “He is ready, we know what we must ask to him and I’m sure he will be close to fulfill it. Always. And for me this is very important.”

Difficulty of the league: “This is Segunda División and you need to do a lot of good things and also for a long period of time, last Sunday we lowered the level in several phases of the meeting and it was a miracle that we didn’t lose. This is like this, every game is difficult and nothing is giving for free.”

Pedro Mosquera: “He was a player of Deportivo until the last day, he has quality and knows how to do the things, why he left? You just need to look at recent story. The club is the one that decides and the club told me what we had, who was leaving and who will train, from that point, I know who is here until day 2 (September). I already knew this and talked about it, that we were going to meet with the situation that a player was training with us and in the next weekend he is playing against us. It’s like playing against Lugo now, because we would be facing Gerard [Valentín]. For me this isn’t serious, this isn’t serious in the league. But no one fooled me, the club needs to fulfill the salary cap and we must adapt.”

Cartabia and his replacement: “If I don’t’ want Fede is because I am a fool, but you need to look at his numbers on last season, later you have to look at the salary cap.  We must be realistic and be aware of where we are and who will be playing for us. This is the biggest club in the league, before I said that it was Zaragoza, but this is the biggest one. And we know where we are and must adapt. Now the music is played by others and we must dance to it.”

Diego Rolán: “Hopefully I would be able to count with Rolán, what happens is that it’s impossible. I must adapt to what we have and we are going until death with it. If he leaves then we need to reinforce the farthest places where he plays, a winger or a centre-back, or maybe a pivote and a centre-back.”

Expectations for the remaining of the market: “I don’t know. Before you need to fix some issues, if you are going to bring people and later they cannot be inscribed, then the situation is delicate. Things are done with a cool head on here. We have a short squad, but it’s compensated.”

The position of Peru Nolaskoain: “Right now I see him more as a centre-back, among other things because it is where he feels more comfortable.”

Fabril’s players: “They are giving a high level and they are going to play if I need them to play. But it isn’t their time now.”

Míchel Sánchez addressed the media on Saturday; he analyzed the current situation of the team and also talked of new signings Insua and Sá and their chances of playing the game. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Debut at home: “I have told the players that, for us, Sunday has to be a very nice day, a very special day in which we need to give the best possible impression to engage our people. We are looking forward to make a great game.”

Deportivo: “Depor is one of the strong sides in the league, but we have enough weapons. The squad is plugged in and I have good feelings. I don’t want to be compared to anyone. We are a growing club and we have to continue like this. We have made a great squad, but Depor is also very competitive. I know what he [Anquela] asks, to fight the duels and intensity are non-negotiable with him. We must try to impose our way of doing things, and we seek the push of the stadium to be the team with soul that we need at El Alcoraz.”

Insua and José Sá: “We knew that the position was important, the one of centre-back, and that new players were coming. Pablo Insua is not at 100% yet and we will talk to Sá in order to see how he arrives and if he has chances to play tomorrow, but these are good signings and are within the possibilities of the club.”

Starting lineup: “We know what we want to do, but the players don’t know yet. And I won’t allow them to be informed by the press.”

Message to the fans: “It’s a message of hope. We have a very nice present: the environment generated in Huesca is in line with that growth. I just ask people to come and enjoy, we will put everything on our side to make it, and we want them to feel represented by us. We want El Alcoraz to be important to be up at the standings.”



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