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01 Sep 2019
Depor’s coach announced changed for the game as he admitted defensive problems. Rayo’s coach is aware of the pressure to achieve the promotion.

Juan Antonio Anquela addressed the media on Friday; he admitted the defensive problems after the defeat at SD Huesca and announced changes at the lineup. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Poor defence: “All weeks we train all the aspects of the game, but evidently we are having defensive problems. We need to improve compared to the last game, there’s no other way.”

Many changes: “We will have a few, let’s see if things work out. We won’t change the system and will play according to our interests, it’s only a matter of changing names. There will be changes, because we lost two centre-backs in a stroke of a pen, or one and a half.”

Somma: “I don’t know if we will recover him for this game, but I believe it’s a little complicated. But nothing happens, other would play. The only thing I ask is to compete. I don’t know if he could be ready, he trained at the top, what happens is that the knock was strong and we will see if he is fit. If he isn’t ready, then we will have to improvise but I am happy for what could come out of this.”

Is there a chance a Fabril’s player might start the game? “Yes. It is like that. Simple. And if he plays, then I will be calm. They are ready to compete and play with this team, because they did it throughout the pre-season.”

Game at Vallecas: “It isn’t easy, Rayo play good football, they propose a lot of things since the start. You need to adapt. “

Rayo Vallecano: “They have achieved two draws, but they were close to win the games. This is complicated, if you don’t add the points then there are problems everywhere, and it isn’t easy, because the league requires a lot of concentration and to do the right things.”

Christian Santos: “The situation of Christian hasn’t’ changed, what happens is that we have to look at his aim. He has played like 60 minutes and already scored two goals, that’s very important and might have an option, either as a starter or during the game, because he has earned a chance thanks to his effectiveness.”

Game with SD Huesca: “We hope to change, because I didn’t like at all the impression left in the game. We cannot negotiate the attitude and to know how to compete at Segunda División, and last Sunday we didn’t do things that were done in other games. We didn’t have the needed attitude, but it could be transitory and I hope it is like that.”

Valorization of the squad before the closure of the market: “We have problems with the injuries, especially in one position, but I won’t make excuses. This is what it is and if the lads want to move forward, then we are here for that. The rest are excuses. Some have left, others will come and with the lads from the B squad we have enough to compete. Later, the competition will put you at your place.”

VAR: It avoids bigger injustices. It isn’t the same than at Primera as there are more cameras and angles, but you still avoid a lot of errors, big errors.”

Paco Jémez addressed the media on Saturday; he is aware that the club and the fans will only be satisfied with the promotion and he assumes the challenge. The following is a summary of the things he said.

State of the team: "With great desire and much confidence in a team that I see is improving each day. This Segunda is the best; without a doubt there are many teams fighting for the goal. It is good for everyone."

Last signing, Antonio Milić: “I didn’t have the chance to see Antonio Milić, because he just arrived. We needed one more centre-back to have two players per position. He is international with Croatia, so he isn’t anybody.”

Expectations for the season: "In pre-season I ask and ask and ask to my club. It’s normal. With the squad that Rayo have made they have to demand the maximum from me. If the promotion is not achieved the only person responsible will be me. I am very happy with what I have."

Protest against the club before the kick-off: "We need trust from all parties to fix the social issue. From here I ask that everyone comes to the field tomorrow, because the team needs it. We have to find solutions. The club also wants to fix it."

Last days in the market: “On here we have had a squad with players who had the chance to leave and have been training at the top. They have behaved like true professionals. I want to thank all the players for their professional commitment. Some have had very important offers in this market and have given everything every day. They have earned all my respect."



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