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07 Sep 2019
Depor’s coach expects to see a better version of his team, he admitted that some of the new signings are going to play. Albacete’s coach is expecting to capitalize on the current bad moment of the Galicians.

 Long press conference by Juan Antonio Anquela, Depor’s coach talked for more than 25 minutes after Thursday’s training. He talked of Depor’s current moment, the new signings and the goal for the season. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Final squad after the summer market: “I believe the squad is balanced, with two players per position and let’s see if now we can get the performance that we expect.”

Poor start to the season: “It’s time to win and do the right things. But for that… in football there’s a word called respect, and it isn’t contrary to ambition, both must be combined and act together. Nothing more. You need to respect the rival and go out with all the ambition of the world in order to move forward. Easy? There’s nothing easy at Segunda División.”

Goal for the season: “I don’t know. Mine is clear: to win the next game. It’s easy to say that it is the promotion. It’s very easy to talk and it’s easy to achieve things with the mouth, but you have to do it. But it’s evident, we are in this league and Deportivo are from Primera, but we are at Segunda and you don’t go up with the mouth, only working hard and suffering. If not, you have the proofs of the bad games made recently.”

Caballo: “If we were going to sign a left-back, then another one should be leaving. We bet on Caballo and he had a good opportunity and nothing more. That was foreseen. If Salva [Ruiz] was coming then we wouldn’t going to have three left-backs.”

Beto da Silva: “Carmelo told me that if Rolán was going out then a player from Mexico was coming and that’s it. He told me the name. I was waiting for midnight so Carmelo could tell me how his work was. What happens is that football works like this: before the coach was telling the names and the function of sporting director didn’t exist. Since then football has advanced, now I come here and the cards are shown. If you are interested in this project, then move forward. The rules are marked since the beginning.”

The five new signings: “I can count with everyone. The work done by the sporting direction was excellent. No one can match their pace. The five players that arrived will bring a lot of things, and let’s see if we can obtain the maximum from them.”

Disappointment for the past two games: “I believe you can use the world disappointing in the first away game [Huesca], but won’t accept that description against Rayo, no, no and no. The day of Rayo wasn’t like the previous one. It was a game in which we dominated in the second part and we deserved to tie. From the previous one I cannot say anything. The day of Rayo we saw a ray of light; we committed punctual and fat errors.”

Javi Montero: “A young player like him won’t play seven games at Atlético Madrid as he did just like that, he won’t play unless he has the needed class and personality for it. At Atlético Madrid, the one that doesn’t know how to defend it’s impossible to see him playing. That isn’t easy with Simeone.”

Defending the set-pieces: “We are looking at that. Last year you had two centre-backs and a forward that were powerful, this year we don’t have it and maybe we need to make changes.”

How Depor should play: “The only thing I can say is that I want a competitive Depor, we must know how to play at Segunda División. We are facing problems in some plays, because we don’t know how to compete, and I believe the players that have arrived will help us.”

Will the Fabril’s players count for the regular season? “If they are good and ask for a chance, then I won’t have any problem to see them playing, but right now we have improved the squad and must add points, it’s the only thing that matters.”

Albacete: “Last year they played the promotion and also stayed one goal away from advancing. We need to compete as the league requires, sometimes the games are decided in details.”

Will you change the initial plan for the game? “It doesn’t have to change. What we need is to have personality, because in the last game we had personality, but when we were down 2-1, and I want it when we are winning 1-0. It’s what we want to build up: a team with personality that knows where it’s playing.”

Will the new signings play in the next game? “Yes, I don’t know how many, maybe three or four. I don’t care. On here the field puts you at your place. Yesterday we played a game and I am happy with their performance.”

 Defending: “The phrase to defend isn’t simple, it starts seeing the attackers putting pressure up front, I like to see them doing it. Nothing was working against Huesca, and against Rayo we didn’t do a bad job. What happened is that we didn’t have aim at our area.”

To compete at Segunda División: “Do you think we competed like the Segunda requires against Huesca? If I don’t complain then we are fooling ourselves. It’s easy: At Segunda División the first thing is to compete body to body and if you don’t win the duels, then it’s difficult to win the games. If you lose six of seven duels then surely you won’t win, that’s the complaint when I talk of not competing.  You need to be focused for 97 minutes if you want to win, and you can lose by a distraction of one second. The word is to compete. If we would have wanted to win the last two games, then we would have needed four goals, four!. We won the first game because God showed up, so things are clear: We need to put pressure up front, to play better football than the rival and have the ball. You cannot do it? Then you need to adapt.”

Why Christian Santos isn’t ready to play since the start? “He spent the major part of the pre-season injured and training apart. The centre forward must be like a bull and Christian isn’t ready for that. When was the last time he played a full game? It’s complicated. The form is earned playing games and he is adding minutes little by little, maybe he could start on next game.”

The role of the coach: “I respect anyone, what happens is that my work is only respected by four. Nobody respects the work of the coach, he should have done this! He should have done that! People tell you what change you must do. Evidently, I can be wrong, but when I made a change, I thought about it a thousand times and some people are just rude. Not even my wife respects the job.”

Luis Miguel Ramis addressed the media after Thursday’s training. He talked of Deportivo and the moment of his team. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Is this the right moment to face Depor? “I don't wonder if it's the right time to face a team or not. We all look for changes in trends when the situation is somewhat more uncomfortable. And Depor will look for it. They aren’t finding their best form and we will try to take advantage of it. We will face an intense Depor at their own stadium, looking to reverse their situation and with quality players. They are just like us. We want to correct things, so they don't happen again.”

Situation of the team: “We got messy in Gijón after the goal allowed. We became very long. The opponent was growing by the goal and took advantage of it. We, in Gijón, it may sound like in Chinese, at another time of the season would have won. Sporting didn’t harass us. They waited for our mistakes. We are capable of much more. In Almeria the game wasn’t for how it ended. We have to be consistent and with the ball we can offer much more of what we have shown so far. We have patience. We are calm. We have individual confidence in each player and at the collective level. It’s a matter of persevering and insisting., without losing your mind. We have a very powerful team that needs high levels of demand.”

New signing Leonardo Capezzi: “He is a lad that has experience. He manages and accelerates the game. I see that he is an intelligent player and that he dominates that area in which he will act. Because of his capacity he has two good profiles, he has organizational capacity in his head, he has the ability to appear in the area. We will see where he fits. He has had continuity in terms of training. But from one day to the next he doesn't take all the concepts.”

Why the team didn’t reinforce other positions? “It’s a position that we wanted to strengthen. We considered that with four players who could act in those positions [centre midfield] we needed something else. It’s a very important position in the field. Capezzi and Pedro [Sánchez] give us things and I understood that Álvaro Peña, a player we like, was not going to have the continuity he had to have.”

Eddy Silvestre will be available: “Eddy will be available. He has trained very well this week. He has endured the training sessions. It is likely that he isn’t ready for 90 minutes, but we can count on him.”

Jérémie Bela has legal dispute after leaving the club: “Sportingly speaking I would love to have Bela on the squad, I am sorry that things ended like this, possibly because of bad advice he has had.”



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