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02 Nov 2019
Depor’s coach relies in what he saw in the second half against Racing, while Fuenlabrada’s coach doesn’t want to be distracted with the possibility of playing for the promotion.

Luis César Sampedro addressed the media on Friday; he is convinced that Depor are progressing despite missing the victory since matchday 01. For this game he confirmed that Peru Nolaskoain and Álex Bergantiños are going to start. The following is a summary of the things he said.

State of the team: “One more week to try to mature the player’s ideas, so all of them can think the same at that moment, either is a play at our area or the rival’s one. We hope that we what saw in the second half of the last game can help us, for a future victory is important. So, this week we have been working in order to improve what can give us that victory. We arrive to Fuenlabrada with more virtues than on last week.”

What to expect at Fuenlabrada: “We are talking of the revelation of the season, if we analyze the goals of all the teams, maybe they are above the expectations. They know what they do and the 70% of their goals came in set-pieces, it’s spectacular.  We need to cut their game if we want to win there.”

The set-pieces: “We aren’t scoring goals in set-pieces, and another motive is that, since my arrival, we leaked twice in set-pieces. We have lagoons and need to train it.”

Mental state of the players: “I see that they are better. The good results put people in a good mood. We are better after what we saw in the last second half, we dominated the rival and had one more week to modulate the thoughts of our people. We are there, fighting against time as life is more complicated each week we pass without winning.”

Changes at the starting lineup? “I have things in my mind, I will choose one or another and will decide tomorrow. Let’s see if we can evolve for what we saw in the second half of the other day, and maybe that work can allow us to win once and for all.”

Beto da Silva: “Beto is out as I have to put six men on the bench, I’m talking of outfield players, and I cannot have six attackers. In order to put Beto, I have to remove Longo, Christian Santos, Borja Valle or Mollejo. I cannot remove Borja Galán as he can play as right-back and we need that figure on the bench. This is the situation, but we could have the moment in which other player can stay out. The players must fight in order to be next week on the roster.”

The best position for Aketxe: “I see him in two positions, but where we can extract more from him is acting as a playmaker. I know he can perform as a winger, but his best game can be seen playing in the inside.”

Is the presence Koné conditioning the system? “He is close to be at the top and can do it better, but it’s closer to his top compared to others. Each week we will see what four attackers are we putting, if we are putting wingers and how we mix them with the midfielders. But right now we have more margin compared to the defense.”

Somma: “We hope to recover Somma soon, next week you will see him completing the 80% of the work with the team.”

Nolaskoain and Álex: “I don’t know how this will evolve, if we play good and win or if we lose and play badly, but tomorrow these two men will play. We also have Gaku and Vicente, they will surely play at this team.”

Mere Hermoso also addressed the media on Friday; he doesn’t want to talk of promotion, but it’s confident in the work they are doing the following is a summary of the things he said.

What casualties do you have? “David Prieto for sure. He is gradually participating with the group, but he isn’t ready yet. José Fran is still out because of muscle problems. Alberto [Fernández] is also out. There are players with issues, but we will evaluate them tomorrow. Vallejo will be out as he is suspended.”

The players of the second unit begin to be important. “It’s one of the positive news of the victory of the other day. The participation of Javi, Oriol, Chico... every time we have incorporated players that aren’t habitual, they have responded, not only for results, but also for the competitive level, and we didn’t expect that. But there are players who are responding and adapting better to everything. It’s the case of Chico, for example. And it happens with the rest. It gives us information and it helps us. Suspensions and injuries will arrive and everyone's input is necessary.”

Oriol Riera made a great game against Las Palmas: “I fully share your vision. The other day he was decisive. He earned a penalty, gave the assistance of another goal ... We like his attitude. He adapts with everyone. He adapts to the team. And we know his quality. On a physical level, he was good playing the other day. He needs continuity. It isn’t easy to have it, because he has competition, but the other day was important.”

The team returns home, is it still basic? “Totally agree. The other day we had a setback, but we will have a few and for that we must be prepared. There will be great motivation, sure, because a great team visits us. Like other days, because all the teams in the league are important. But this club... look at its impact, its history ... It will be difficult because of its need. And that motivation plays an important role.”

Q: Depor arrives in a bad moment... “But we don’t trust them. We move away completely from that thought. Looking at the numbers now it doesn't help. They have a great squad with a coach who has arrived with enthusiasm. They are working hard every game, I know. That makes you think that the team will improve. Hopefully not in this match. They are a logical team, made for different purposes. They aren’t as expected... but you have to be very motivated. We cannot lower the intensity; neither with them, nor with any rival.”

Q: Tell us about Koné. He is in good shape with Depor. “We always play against great players. I always say that it’s our first mission: to stop the opposite and then develop our game. Koné is a great player, with spaces he is dangerous. We will have to do good vigilance... but as we will have to do with Longo, Valle, Aketxe ... there are many great players at Depor.”

Has the team earned the right to stumble? “It has to give us peace of mind, to face the game with serenity. But I don’t like conformity. No, no, no... Just as I say, we don't think about the situation at the standings; we have to go to each match with a clean head and compete at the top. Only then will we move forward. I love to see how the rivals, after each game, say that we haven’t let them work. What makes us less aesthetic? I die for my players, for how they face each game. The basis of what we do is in them. The day we lose that, we have nothing to do.” 




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