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04 Nov 2019
First defeat on the season, the current champion was too much for Deportivo, but the ladies played a good game and gave problems to a team that seized their experience killing the game in the counterattack.

Coach Manu Sánchez had no injury concerns for the game, he repeated the lineup that defeated CD Tacón on the previous weekend. Captain Miriam was back on the bench together with Maya Yamamoto and Michelle Romero.

Big defeat for a team that always fought hard against a more experienced rival. Atletico Madrid are the current champions and they exploded the counterattack to kill the aspirations of a team with courage, but also with big lagoons defending both sides.

The game started with a couple of opportunities for Deportivo, in the first a shot from Gaby was blocked by local goalie Van Veenendaal (6’), one minute later a free-kick of Tere Abelleira wasn’t meet by Gaby at the far post.

Atlético Madrid claimed control of the actions and was pushing hard, but the visiting defence was holding on the initial draw. The first chance for the Madrilenians was a counterattack in which Charlyn Corral sent the ball out when he was alone inside the area (13’).

And then the locals met the first goal, Toni Duggan collected a cross from the left and she beat Misa from close range. Depor tried to react and Peke had the next attempt with a shot from the edge of the area that went out (20’).

But Atlético were having the clearest opportunities, at minute 22, Ángela Sosa met the crossbar after taking a corner-kick, and the loose ball was sent out by Ludmila. Depor Ladies weren’t giving up and Athenea had the next attempt for the visiting side with a long-distance shot that missed the target (32’).

And Atletico pressed hard in the last stretch of the first half; first a good  chance with Ludmila releasing a cross that Toni Duggan found inside the area, and her attempt was saved by Misa with the ball hitting the woodwork in the rebound (37’).

Depor Ladies were holding on as they could, but everything was lost with two consecutive goals. The second goal arrived though a strong and crossed shot from Ángela Sosa. And there was time for a third goal, Tere lost the ball in a critical zone and Toni Duggan scored again as Misa was unable to contain her attempt.

It was too much punishment for Depor Ladies, Atlético were superior, but not to deserve a three-goal lead. But Deportivo started the second part affected by the late goals in the first part. Misa made a save against Charlyn (47’) and the Galicians were having problems in defence, mainly on the sides. At minute 55, Ángela Sosa missed to score after collecting a cross from Charlyn

So, it was a pleasant surprise when Depor Ladies scored its first goal in the game. It was a corner-kick of Tere Abelleira that hit the post, and Maria Méndez was there to head in the loose ball. The goal changed the mood as the Galicians were now trying to push in attack. At minute 67, Van Veenendaal made a save after a crossed shot from Gaby.

The game became open, Depor Ladies were risking trying to reduce the distance at the scoresheet, and it left lagoons that Atlético Madrid were trying to seize in the counterattack. The first changes were the entries of Maya Yamamoto and Michelle Romero for Athenea del Castillo and Alba Merino.

Depor Ladies pressed hard and had Atlético locked at their area, but the home side have more experience and sentenced the game in a counterattack. A long pass allowed Ángela Sosa to assist Charlyn Corral, who scored through a crossed shot. The last changes were the entries of Laura Vázquez and Kika for Nuria Rábano and Gaby. It is the first defeat for the team in an official game since March 25, 2018 (0-2 Vs. Oviedo Moderno)

Atlético: (4-4-2) Van Veenendaal – Robles, Aleixandri, Tounkara, Menayo – Toni Duggan (Meseguer 53’), Leicy Santos (Amanda Sampedro 61’), Virginia, Ángela Sosa (Olga 87’) – Charlyn, Ludmila (Linari 84’).
Deportivo: (4-4-2) Misa - Cris, Villegas, María Méndez, Nuria Rábano (Laura 83’) – Iris, Tere Abelleira, Alba Merino (Maya Yamamoto 75’), Gaby (Kika 88’) – Peke, Athenea (Michelle Romero 74’).
Goals: 1-0: (16’) Toni Duggan, 2-0: (41’) Ángela Sosa, 3-0: (45’) Toni Duggan, 3-1: (58’) María Méndez, 4-1: (82’) Charlyn
Referee: Paola Cebollada López. She showed yellow card to María Méndez (43’)
Venue: Alcalá de Henares





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