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06 Nov 2019
Víctor Mollejo has no problem in been a starter at Deportivo despite his age; he points out that the team must assume that it is the last place at the standings, but that it’s a situation that can be reverted.

Víctor Mollejo addressed the media on Tuesday; he is among the youngest players in the league, and assumes his responsibility as a natural thing, “I am very happy that many times that pressure falls on me. I am a guy with personality and I like challenges. But I don’t like people to see the age, but what I show on the field. Being 18 is not a handicap. If you have to pull the team at times, I will gladly do it. Inside the changing room there are people with a lot of personality and eager to show things.”

The winger also assumes naturally that he is now a substitute, “I assume it with ease. When I arrived I had to play everything and did my best. Now it's my turn from the bench. You always want to play as much as possible, but in this situation there is nothing left but to work. Playing as a second striker? In the end it’s my lifelong position. But I like to be versatile and play in several positions. If they decide to put me on the side, perfect. And if they put me up front, then it’s fine too, because it's my position. I like to step on the area, I can arrive from the second line.”

Depor return now to the Riazor, and for the Atlético’s loanee it should be a good thing for the players, “I personally like very much to play at the Riazor. I think it's a stadium where you can breathe football and I love it. It’s always good to return to your stadium. People are responding and you play with enthusiasm. Let's see if we can give them a victory.”

Finally, Mollejo is aware of Depor’s poor situation, but he remains optimistic about the future, “I would worry more if it were another type of league, in which recovering four points would be very hard. But in Segunda you win two games and you are in the middle of the standings. You have to be calm, fight to the top and be aware of the situation. It is no accident, we are the bottom place and we must be aware of it. Knowing the situation in which we are, but that it cannot surpass us, because you would enter a negative cycle. You have to have personality, if we don’t dare to do things then we will not get out of there.”



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