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18 Nov 2019
New changes at the lineup and new defeat, then team simply didn’t have a plan to attack the rival and failed miserably in the withdraw. Beto da Silva has only played for a few minutes, but has created more danger than other players.

The six notes from the game at Extremadura UD:

1- A disorganized team: Deportivo are losing not for having bad luck, but for been a disorganized team. It’s the way to explain how a team can be superior in several statistics and later lose a game. Because in this match Depor was batter in the ball possession (58% v 42%), number of shots on target (5 v 4) and even pass accuracy (64% v 55%), but if the rival has a plan and you don’t, then the normal thing is to lose.

And it’s that Depor never knew what to do with the ball, they just tried to pass it without a clear criterion and were depending in isolated plays by Koné. It’s also true that local keeper Casto prevented the reaction, but the real thing is that the plan of Extremadura UD was simple: to wait for Depor’s mistakes and exploit the counterattack and the empty spaces, thus they ended making more shots than their rival (15 v 10).

2- Terrible in the withdrawing: Once again Deportivo demonstrated that’s incapable to react after committing a mistake and that it cannot manage the withdraw. Throughout the meeting there were several bad passes at midfield that compromised the defense, and Extremadura UD exploited these lagoons to create some danger, actually the goals came in this way. The second goal is a demonstrating that Depor is unable to move back after not finishing an attacking play, because for a corner in favour the whole team failed to contain a counterattack and despite there were many inaccuracies by the local team the play ended in goal.

3- The corner-kicks: The second goal reopened a debate that has existed in recent games, since the arrival of Luis César almost always there are two players at the corner when the team is releasing a corner-kick. And the plays almost end in a direct cross from the corner, which invites to ask why to waste a man there where it could be needed to connect the ball or to at least secure the withdraw, and now the debate resurfaces as one of these actions cost the second goal.

4- Pinchi and Caballo: the wound is deeper: The fans remain upset for the run of the team, but now the twitching is bigger because the victory for Extremadura came thank to the assists of two players formed at Fabril: Óscar García ‘Pinchi’ and Diego Caballo.  The true is that only the first made a good game, Pinchi was smart enough to attack the side of Mujaid and, together with Álex Díez, were the most dangerous players on the field. Meanwhile, Caballo was more erratic, his crosses almost always lacked precision and the only one that was made right found a partner that deflected the ball in. The left-back was also the player on the field that lost the possession of the ball in more opportunities (25).

5- Luis César remains making changes: It has been a full month with Luis César trying to change the outcome making important changes at the lineup, in this opportunity he benched Álex Bergantiños and put Vicente Gómez as he sought for stability at midfield, and once again the changes didn’t work. It didn’t work because Vicente is too slow and Peru Nolaskoain was too far to help the team in the withdraw, and later Mujaid and Salva Ruiz failed to cover a big part of the field. All of this was seized by Pinchi and Álex Díez as they found plenty of space to unleash the counterattack.

6- Beto da Silva: Peruvian attacker Beto da Silva had his second appearance on the season, and for many he has demonstrated more things than other players that had much more minutes like Longo or Borja Valle. Against Albacete (September 9) he met the woodwork once after been on the field for 12 minutes, in this game he spent 13 minutes having a chance to score, it was a good effort been backwards the goal, but he was still able to connect a shot that was going in, but Casto made a great save.



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