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18 Nov 2019
Depor is at the brink of a nervous breakdown, and the comments after the game demonstrate it. From the coach admitting that everything is wrong, to Dani Giménez asking for Fabril’s players, or the words of the sporting director before the fans.

Luis César Sampedro was analyzing the game, "We have made clear mistakes, essential for the integrity of our goal during the first half. We have gone against the flow. In the end it has been a battle in which we wanted, but we couldn’t. The team suffers, struggles, it doesn’t lower the arms but that isn’t enough to win.”

For the first time since his arrival, and after defending for weeks that the team was improving, the Galician coach was now admitting that things need a radical change, "We need to review everything that has been established. The team isn’t starting and isn’t giving any sign that it will start. We have to rethink whether everything worked has worked or not. We must turn this around. We must react now. I am clear now that everything we have done since that I have arrived here hasn’t worked out. You have to change the course, you have to look for another way, because this isn’t going well, and I am the first one to notice it. Some matchdays have passed and I have to change the script, the score, and choose another way in order to be solvent."

"I don’t feel shame for the boys, because they run. I understand the discomfort of the fans, the disgust. We don’t do well, but it isn’t because we don’t run or suffer. They are suffering in the game, inside the changing room. Nobody expected this and we are in a very compromised situation. We are going to fix it together, but we have to turn this around, because it doesn’t go as I want. Neither I expected to be in this situation." He added.

He also admitted that Depor are in a descending spiral, “The defeats do a lot of damage. They hurt us a lot. You are healing the previous wound, you have it half healed, and it reopens in a matter of seven days. We have a major football problem and we have to look for another way. You have to change, you have to change everything. "

He was also imploring for the fans’ support, "I fully understand the disgust. I only ask for union. I already know that it’s difficult to ask for union from our position. We don’t win and we aren’t in the right moment of asking for anything, but of we need union, because we all have to move forward. We don’t ask, we pray, we implore them, because we need our fans. How can we not need them? I can only say that we are hurt, annoyed and we all have to stand up. We are on the ground, we have to get up and we need the fans. "

Luis César also said that he understands that the fans are asking for his exit after only adding two points in six games, "How can I not understand it? If you don't win, you always look for responsibilities. I understand everything, of course I do."

Meanwhile, the players are starting to break. Dani Giménez was hinting that some players have been surpassed by the situation and even suggested that a possible way out is to play with Fabril’s players, “The level is bad, that's why we are the bottom place, the team is exceeded, I don’t talk about team mates in particular, but I see some of them surpassed by the circumstances. And if someone is not capable, not for not wanting, but for not been able to do it, then we have more staff, or maybe someone at Fabril can match the level.”

“At the changing room we had some words, some higher than others, but I think it’s positive that sometimes the spark jumps and, in a sense, to see if we are worth anything. I hope we light a flame that allows us to win. We have to surpass the frustration that can be generated by seeing yourself asleep. In other circumstances we will look for the talent that our people have, but quality also means to be strong and to know how to face the situation.” The keeper added.

Vicente Gómez was also reflecting in the current situation of Deportivo, “We better put ourselves in the best scenario and think that, next day, we will be able to take that first blow and not allow the rival to react. I've been more times in this situation with other teams and one day everything lines up and you find the way. Nobody is matching the level, it’s normal that people feel shame and think that we have nothing to say, that we have to demonstrate on the field. We are the last place for our own merits.”

At Extremadura UD, coach Manu Mosquera was satisfied with the performance of his team, “We are a difficult opponent when we maintain our way of being, our entity. Our DNA is that. It’s difficult to counter us. We needed this victory, it’s true. It is no coincidence, when you press a rival so much, if you don’t find the goal it seems that you have been unable to finish it. Today it helped us to find the goals so soon... they couldn't face us. We are still very strong.”

After weeks in silence, sporting director Carmelo del Pozo decided to say something, though he did it in an improvised conversation with fans outside Extremadura’s stadium, with no journalists and surrounded by guards.  About the game and the situation of the team, he said that, “If in the second part we would have scored a goal, then we could have tied the game. How many saves did Dani make today? What I tell you is that there are times when things are not going well, then everything starts to go wrong. I am living a very bad moment, maybe as bad as you.”

He was criticized for not counting with players like Caballo and Pinchi, and he replied that, “We didn’t push Caballo out, we offered him a renewal with a certain number of games, but he didn’t want it. Is Capdevila a good player for you? Is Molina a good player? Valerón? At Depor they did very well, but they got stuck in Atlético de Madrid.” 




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