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23 Jan 2008
Gustavo Mun??a has avoided going to prison for attacking Deportivo's team-mate Dudu Aouate and was handed a six-month suspended sentence because he has no previous record. But he will have to pay €3,600 for his reaction. Besides, the agent of Aouate has talked one more time about the situation of the Israeli keeper.

The fight between Depor's keepers continues to be in all the headlines. On Wednesday, the sentence of the judge that handled the case became public. He found Mun??a guilty of aggression after he punched Aouate in the face leaving the Israeli keeper requiring eight stitches to an eye wound. An aggression that occurred a fortnight ago.

Mun??a has escaped going to prison for his actions and was handed a six-month suspended sentence because he has no previous record. But the Uruguayan keeper will instead pay a fine of €3,600. In this way, the case is legally closed, but it's not closed for Lotina and the squad, because both keepers haven't talked yet in order to resolve their differences and Aouate hasn't expressed his apologies for his comments behind closed doors. Conditions that the squad's captains imposed in order to allow their return to the group trainings.

Instead of making the peace, Aouate is preferring to remain in silence. Even his agent, Gustavo Crmko, is preferring to stay out of any possible negotiation with other clubs, as he said to Sportpaper Deporte Campe??n "I am not looking for anything. Until they ask me, I won't move myself. Specially, until the image of Dudu is cleaned." The agent thinks the value of the player has felt down after the incidents occurred with Mun??a and he assured the club only phoned him in order to express their surprise with the case "They talked with me and said they were in shock, but the whole world phoned me for that."

Later, Crmko hammered the club for its latest decisions "First, they have to ask me to search for another club. In the second place, the price they are asking for. And if this price is too high, it will be impossible to search for another team since nobody pays a dime for a goalkeeper. In this club anything can happen: to see them saying one thing on one day, just to see the player training apart in the following one... they still don't say anything. Incredible, but is like that. That the situation is the same than Monday? yes. Besides, Lotina still on the job, therefore..."

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