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05 Jan 2020
Depor’s coach wants to start the second round thinking that they are just starting the season and knowing the number of points that they need. Numancia’s coach says the game is more important of what people can think.

Fernando Vázquez addressed the media on Saturday. It was his first press conference before an official meeting. He explained the state of his players and how to face the second round in the current situation. The following is a transcription of the main things he said.

Emre Çolak “Emre is out due to his lack of fitness”

Gaku Shibasaki: “He trained today with us; he will join the group next week.”

Koné: “He have issues in the one leg, he trained during the week, but isn’t fine and prefer to wait until next week.”

Beto da Silva is out: “You will have to know what I think. It shouldn’t be a surprise, because I am traveling with a lot of attackers. I considered that it wasn’t necessary to travel with nineteen men.”

Exits during the market: “I believe that nothing will occur without been consulted. It’s not that I am the boss, but clearly I will participate in the decisions.”

The second round: “We are starting a new league, I told the players that we are starting from scratch and let’s see if we can make 36 points. I explained what we must do in terms of numbers, how many games you can lose and so on. You can do it and we can be contaminated for having lack of confidence, but we will see it as the game with Numancia is the first game of the season. We have 21 finals that will be planned in a different way. The first round doesn’t exist.”

The positive side of the team: “This group is easy to command, because you can train them with ease. My pretention is to raise the bar, to have more intensity and then to build up the weapons to win games.”

Mollejo as a centre forward: “Mollejo hasn’t played as a striker at Deportivo, but he considers himself as a striker. Sometimes the strikers end performing on the sides. I consider that Mollejo and Koné are strikers.”

How Depor will play at Numancia? “I will decide today, during the trip. If we wait for them or if we will be putting a high pressure.”

Will Depor play with two centre midfielder or with three centre-backs? “I train different things for different situations. If I train a line with five defenders, it is because I consider we will use it in the future. Right now, we are short at midfield, Vicente is out and Gaku is injured.”

The state of mind of the players: “I believe I caught the team in an ascending wave, sort of it. I was a little lucky with this.”

Did you talk with Luis César? “Not yet. We will talk on next week. He will give me information that will be important for the future.”

What will you like to see in tomorrow’s game? “I will like to watch an invulnerable Deportivo. I believe we achieved that the year of the promotion, especially in the first round. That team seemed like a rock. You win because the rival cannot defeat you. I hope the defensive aspect is like a boxer, it means it cannot be touched during the fight. The team must be able to bear the pressure and go up as soon as it gets the ball.”

Luis Carrión addressed the media on Friday. He believes the game is important and don’t want to despise a rival that’s currently at the bottom of the standings. The following is a transcription of the main things he said.

How to face the game: "When we are bad, we deservedly lose as it happened in Ceuta [Copa del Rey] and when we are well, we also deserve to win as it happened in Cádiz in a deserved way, we must treat all the matches with the importance they deserve, and on Sunday we have a match that’s more important of what you can think.”

Deportivo arrive with a new coach: “They will surely be more motivated with the new coach, and we respect a rival that has a good team. We have the doubt of how they are going to play for having a new coach, though we have worked with the weakness and strengths of all the players.”

Carlos Gutiérrez might leave the club: “It’s normal that players will have things after ending the first round. All the teams can be improved and we cannot renounce to that despite having a squad that already put us at the sixth place.”

The academy players are having minutes: “I am glad that people from the academy are playing as it demonstrates that there’s a great work behind, if they are playing it is because they deserve it.”

Will Adri Castellano repeat at the centre of the defence? “He did a great job in Cádiz and must continue doing it.” 




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