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06 Feb 2020
New signing Keko Gontán believes that Depor should remain focused in the permanence. The winger also explained his situation at Málaga and how he landed at the club.

Keko Gontán was presented on Tuesday and addressed the media on Wednesday. One of the signings made on deadline day was happy with him he was welcomed in the city, “I commented it with my wife, we are very comfortable. I was surprised by the kindness, how nice people are on the street. Everything they offer you. From what I am seeing it is a family club, and with the teammates I am feel at ease. For now, it’s unbeatable, I'm looking forward to getting the best Keko back.”

The winger commented how the negotiations occurred, “Everything came up within the last days. At the beginning the operation was unfeasible, but then they began to square things. The interest has been the most important. I needed to regain confidence, feel loved and at Depor it was where I most noticed that this situation could occur. You never know with the sheikh. Not because it is better or worse, but sometimes he makes decisions at the mast minute, without consulting anyone. Even if everyone in the club agreed, if he had not wanted it... I had that fear that he would not accept, because he liked me a lot.”

He also explained why he hasn’t played too much on this season, “Personally and mentally it was difficult to carry with this. It has been a little weird during these six months. The club didn't want me to stay and I didn't want to continue. I wasn’t picked for the games, I started to play and was fine, but I got injured and I didn't come back. You were in a place in which they didn't want you and that makes you not feeling comfortable.”

The Madrilenian player was talked of his expectations at Deportivo, “I hope to return with Deportivo to Primera, but it will be hard this season. We aren’t going to fool ourselves. After what was lived a month and a half ago, what is needed is the permanence. Another thing would be to fool yourself. If we get it fast, maybe there is time. From Malaga you could see what in all of Spain was also seen, that Depor had a squad to be much better, but that something was happening and was going down. But not from Malaga, surely you here also thought about it. You have to give thanks, because the situation has changed so quickly.”

Keko also talked of his first impression with coach Fernando Vázquez, “From inside he looks even more charismatic. I had never seen him and the other day it was very funny when he went to celebrate the goal running with the fans. I like that, things have to be felt. I prefer that rather than a cold person. Then in the changing room he is affectionate and close to you. I like that.”



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