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07 Feb 2020
Goalkeeper Aleksandar Jovanović arrived on deadline day as an emergency backup to Koke Vegas. The Serbian talked of all his moves during this season, and also promised to fight with Dani Giménez for the spot.

Aleksandar Jovanović addressed the media on Thursday. He was talking of the craziness of his signing for Depor, “It was all fast and strange. My agent called me on Friday and told me there was a possibility to change teams. It was Levante or Deportivo, depending on several factors. We needed to wait and see how everything was evolving. When he asked me if I wanted to come here, I said yes. I know how big this club is. In the end, at 10 pm, the clubs had reached an agreement and I am happy to come.”

“When I arrived in Spain it was very difficult, because I didn’t speak Spanish. And in Huesca people only speak Spanish, nobody talked English. It was complicated [he still needs a translator]. I played several games and then I wasn’t doing it for four months. In the summer, the market was like a movie. I was close to signing in Turkey, in Ankaragücü, but there was a problem with FIFA and after seven days in Ankara I returned to Huesca. They already had the squad made, so I decided to go to Denmark so in order to not been on the bench. I have played and now I’m here. I’m glad that I didn’t go to Turkey because that way I could come to Depor.” He added.

He had references from both the current Depor and the golden age: “I am happy to join a historic club. I knew how it was this year, but I've also heard about the past and watched games. There have been great players here. Molina, Tristán, Valerón... and of course Djukic. In recent weeks I talked with Saša Jovanović, who was here until recently, and also with Insua, Luisinho, Mosquera and Juan Carlos.”

The Serbian keeper was promising to fight for the spot with Dai Giménez, “I will give one hundred percent in each training and, if I play, in each match. I’m ready to play, because I’m physically prepared. I am here to work hard in each training, then it will be the coach who decides. I come to help the team. When Dani plays, I will support him one hundred percent. I will do my job, compete for the position and try to train at the top in order to pressure Dani.”



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