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11 Feb 2020
Depor’s coach admitted that his team didn’t play a good game, mainly in offensive tasks, but denied that it was just luck. He also continued with the philosophy of just looking to the points needed for the permanence.

Coach Fernando Vázquez was explaining how he saw the game, "We make our game and the opponent makes its own. We give up the ball possession to the rival team and from there we look for a speedy outcome. In the first half we weren’t fine, we failed certain plays that seemed easy. We had two clear arrivals. And in the second half, Alcorcón, which is a very good team, pushed us a little more, but also without putting us in too much trouble, and we took advantage of the added time the same as five years ago. With me, Deportivo also won in a corner-kick in the added time: 1-2.”

He also explained the entries of Hugo Vallejo and Keko Gontán, duo that debuted in the second half, "What characteristics do Keko and Hugo Vallejo have? Very different from those of Aketxe and Çolak, who are ball-to-foot players. I was looking for a more vertical game. The ease of counterattacking with less control of the ball, and these players can find space behind the defense."

The Galician coach admitted the offensive problems, but denied that the victory was for luck, "The team didn’t’ have a great day in the offensive aspect, because in that aspect we have deficiencies. We are strengthening ourselves, occupying our energy in the defensive aspect, so that the rival doesn’t end the plays or creates goal chances. And we are doing well. “

“Today we also demonstrate it, it’s impossible to prevent 100% the shots, but in that sense I am happy. In the offensive game we will improve over time, when the team is in a more comfortable situation and we will try to make the team evolve in those aspects in which we aren’t well. The team is a little unbalanced towards the defensive aspect, but it’s the factor giving us the victories We aren’t lucky. We don’t win six straight games in a row by luck. everyone understands it." He added.

Finally, Vázquez continued making the numbers that will certify the permanence, "We have to win 6 more games to make 51 points. It's possible that by making 48... And we can lose 9 games. Now the number of games we have to win is less than the number of games in which we can fail. Let's see if we do it often. It’s beautiful. And beat the record of José Luis Oltra, who won 9 in a row. "

Dani Giménez was happy with the good moment lived by Deportivo, "We are on the positive wave, in the streak in which everything is working. A game of suffering, but the team believes until the last minute, the team believes that we will have the opportunity. With precipitation in the counterattacks we have vanished some chances, but the goal came at the last minute. Many times, it is psychology, the team doesn’t despair, it knows how to suffer. We knew it was going to be complicated. Luckily, we have achieved it by the defensive work of the team."

About his physical condition, he commented that, "Today I suffered less than in the previous game. Even at the time of striking the ball I had a bad time. I suppose that in one or two weeks this will be overcome, I will be able to take the goal-kicks and at least pass the games without so much pain. The team is with a lot of confidence. Above all that self-esteem, that believing in ourselves is very important in football and we are demonstrating it. The team knows how to suffer and individually people give everything."

Mamadou Koné scored the winning goal, he was emphasizing the collective work of the team, “The whole team together have worked hard. We have been able to defend as we used to do. We have been strong at the back and later took advantage of the occasions we have had. Thank God we took advantage of the last one."

The Ivorian attacker believes that Deportivo deserved the victory, “We have deserved the victory. We have had more opportunities than them and we haven’t been able to take advantage of all of them. The only one that we seized has given us the three points. We are very satisfied. Now we are in a good streak and we are celebrating it, we seized our moment and let’s see where we can end.”

Peru Nolaskoain talked on Monday about the performance of Deportivo, “Yesterday's game was important, we had a very intense streak of consecutive victories and it’s true that the match wasn’t the brightest we have played, but we had that last minute play and everyone went home happy. We aren’t here to give anything away and every goal we score must be celebrated as if it were the last.”

At AD Alcorcón, coach Fran Fernández was very disappointed for watching his team conceding the goal at the last second, “We can sit and valorize if this was luck, success or something else. But we allowed a goal at the last play, the game doesn’t end until the referee whistles the end and we cannot lose a game in the last play of the added time. I believe we have made a lot of things in the right way, and we were the team that wanted to win since the kick-off until almost the end… and we cannot throw away all the good work that we made in the last play.” 




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