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11 Feb 2020
Third straight loss for a Fabril that’s losing the train of the playoffs. The lads had to play with one less man for the full second half and missed to create opportunities in a game full of fouls.

Coach Luisito had the casualty of Mujaid, who was playing with Depor in the visit to AD Alcorcón. Left-back defender Martí Vilà was back from suspension. The big novelty for the game was that centre-back Iago Parga was playing as a right winger.

Another painful defeat for a Fabril that’s starting to lose the train of the playoffs. After straight victories, Fabril have now lost three straight games. It was an ugly game in which the winner seized its only opportunity. The rest was struggle and a lot of fouls in a game full of yellow cards.

The game started with Alondras CF having the ball, and they found the goal early after Javi González scored in a free-kick that Álex Cobo missed to clear properly. After the goal Fabril claimed the ball possession and started to push hard, it was then that Depor’s lads had their best minutes an were close to score in a double chance for Mario Losada and David Sánchez that was saved at the goal line (36’).

And the first half ended in a bad way for Fabril as David Sánchez was sent off for protesting. It was after Mario Losada was booked for a tough foul. So, Fabril were going to play the full second half with one less man.

Luisito didn’t care about the numeric disadvantage and he removed two defenders in order to put Víctor Eimil and Javi Sánchez on the pitch, the idea was to exploit the wings and  Iago Parga was moved back in order to play with a defensive line of three men.

But the game was never opened, actually it was more closed. And the reason was the continuous fouls. The expulsion of David Sánchez angered Fabril’s players and the referee lost control of the meeting. The game ended with thirteen yellow cards, including both coaches.

Alondras: (4-2-3-1) Ayoub – Jesús Varela, Pablo García, Javi González, Agujetas – Abel, Iván Pérez (Rincón 87’) – Cora, Mauro Nores, Aarón Paredes (Caride 74’) – Luismi.
Fabril: (4-2-3-1) Álex Cobo – Valín, Juan Rodríguez, Bourdal (Eimil 46’), Martí Vilà (Javi Sánchez 46’) – David Sánchez, Iago Gandoy (Yevhen Pidlepenets 66’) – Iago Novo, Villares, Iago Parga –Mario Losada.
Goal: 1-0: (14’) Javi González
Referee: Jesús Calvelo Iglesias. He showed yellow cards to ), Martí Vilà (16’), Iván Pérez (31’), Nores (36’), Mario Losada (41’), Agujetas (52’), Jesús Varela (59’), Abel (72’), Pablo García (79’), Luismi (86’), Rincón (89’) & Eimil (90´). David Sánchez was sent off with a direct red card (43’).
Venue: O Morrazo






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