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24 Feb 2020
The goals arrived at the start of the game; Fabril were terrible in the first part, and only improved in the second with the substitutions. The lads could have won the game after wasting clear chances at the end.

Coach Luisito was having the usual casualty of Mujaid Sadick, who was picked by the first team for the visit to Real Zaragoza. David Sánchez and Bourdal were suspended.  Iago Parga covered the spot of Bourdal at the centre of the defence, while Álex Cobo returned to the goal.

Tasteless point for Fabril. Bad first half for the lads, improved in the second with the changes. Fabril had several chances to win the game within the last thirty minutes plus one big opportunity in the added time. 

The game started with a shot of Javi Sánchez from the left side of the area that went out (1’), and from there the locals scored the first goal. And it was a big defensive error at Fabril. A long ball from midfield was found by Iñigo Pisón at the edge of the area, Iago Parga and Juan Rodriguez were too slow, and this situation gave time to the attacker to release a low shot that Cobo didn’t reach as he was bad placed.

Fabril felt the hit, but also found a quick equalizer. And this time the error was at the defensive line of the local team. A long throw for the visiting side ended in nothing, but then keeper Iván Oviedo failed controlling the ball, Diego Villares stole it and netted the equalizer from close range.

At minute 8, a dangerous cross from Villares almost surprised Oviedo and the ball hit the crossbar.  Four minutes later Javi Sánchez protested a penalty after been pushed inside the area, but there was nothing as the attacker fell against the pressure of a defender.

Despite the early goals, both sides were having big problems to pass the ball in offensive positions and the opportunities were scarce. At least Fabril were looking a little brighter, with a couple of crosses that ended in nothing, while CD Barco weren’t stepping into the rival’s area.

But then the locals started to create chances in set-pieces, the main one a lateral free-kick of Rubén García that surprised Álex Cobo and the ball went out (21’). Meanwhile, Fabril were missing ideas and didn’t create any chance despite the local defence looked nervous.

Ivi Vales was close to score at minute 30 after a distraction of Kanouté, but his shot was blocked by Álex Cobo. After this action, the locals claimed control of the ball and started to push. Juanito had the next opportunity after a cross from Pisón, but his attempt went over the crossbar (35’).

The second half followed the same path of the first, because Fabril were a dead team in attack, unable to combine and therefore to create scoring chances. The difference was that CD Barco were more passive, waiting at their side of the pitch and passing the ball in defensive positions.

The first offensive play by Fabril in this half was a long run of Iago Gandoy that was worth a corner-kick (55’). Luisito tried to refresh the attacking line and Iago Novo replaced Javi Sánchez. Since this point the visiting side started to push and Aarón scored after a corner-kick, but the goal was disallowed for offside (61’).

One minute later, a new corner-kick of Fabril ended with the ball hitting the arm of a defender, but the referee didn’t whistle the penalty.  The visiting side was putting a high pressure and the lads were deserving the second goal.

At minute 66, Mario Losada had his first chance in the game. He collected a low cross from Villares, but his shot went wide.  The locals started to balance the ball possession and the second substitution at Fabril was the entry of Jawed Boumeddane for Aarón Sánchez.

At minute 76, Villares didn’t arrive in time to a cross from Gandoy. One minute later Boumeddane was unable to release a proper header when he was alone at the right corner of the area. A good chance to win the game came at minute 79, a combination between Boumeddane and Martí Vilà allowed Mario Losada to release a short cross, and Iago Novo sent the ball out from the left corner of the box.

The final substitution was the entry of Pedro Correia for Mario Losada, and then each side had a big chance to win the game. CD Barco had its opportunity with a cross from Oli that surprised Álex Cobo, but luckily for Fabril the ball hit the near post and went out (87’). Then Boumeddane won the back to Javi Rodriguez and released a short cross that Pedro connected, but the ball went to corner-kick after hitting a defender (90+1’).

Barco: (4-4-2) Oviedo – Caique, Omar Navarro, Segura, Javi Rodríguez – Rubén García, Oli, Moreira (David Álvarez 64’), Juanito (Santi Real 79’) - Ivi Vales, Pisón.
Fabril: (4-2-3-1) Álex Cobo – Valín, Iago Parga, Juan Rodríguez, Martí Vilà – Kanouté, Iago Gandoy – Javi Sánchez (Iago Novo 56’), Villares, Aarón Sánchez (Jawed Boumeddane 70’) – Mario Losada (Pedro Correia 85’).
Goals: 1-0: (2’) Pisón, 1-1: (5’) Villares
Referee: Adrián González Franco. He showed yellow card to Kanouté (28’), Moreira (42’), Segura (51’), Iago Gandoy (56’) & Javi Rodríguez (74’)
Venue: Calabagueiros





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