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29 Jan 2008
Deportivo is the only Primera club that's missing the presence of a top scorer in the striking zone, a fact demonstrated by the statistics. After twenty one matchdays, the Galician club is the only one that doesn't have a forward as the best scorer in the team, because that role at Depor has been taken by Andr?Šs Guardado, a winger that has been forced to assume the scoring responsibilities in the squad.

Andr?Šs Guardado wasn't signed in order to lead the striking zone of Deportivo, but the Mexican left-winger has been forced to assume that role since coach Lotina hasn't been able to find a starting striker during the present season. The Basque trainer begun the campaign giving that responsibility to Adri??n, but the youngster fell down from the starting eleven after the first game and later that responsibility was rotated between Taborda, Riki and more lately with Xisco, Bodipo and Rub?Šn Castro.

It seemed that Mallorcan Xisco would finally take the spot after he scored three goals in four liga matches (against Valencia, Real Madrid and Murcia), but several physical problems left him out of the squad and the place was regained by Adri??n only to see Xisco taking once again the spot during the past game against Valladolid. Now, after twenty one matchdays, the six strikers in the squad have only scored eleven goals.

And the best one so far is Xisco with four, but the best scorer in the squad is Guardado with five goals conquered. Comparing the other nineteen clubs in Primera Divisi??n, it's possible to realise that Deportivo is the only team in la liga that has as best scorer a player that isn't a normal striker, as the table shows up:

Maybe the exception could be Lionel Messi at Barcelona, a player that isn't properly a striker although Rijkaard uses him in that function when Eto'o and Henry are out of action. Besides, there are clubs that have more than one 'top-scorer' in their squads. That's the case of Real Madrid, the Madrilenians have Ra??l with nine goals, a nice complement to Van Nistelrooy and his twelve goals. Same case in Zaragoza, Diego Milito is one of the two pichichis in la liga with fourteen goals, but new coach Irureta also counts with Oliveira as a reference up front, the Brazilian has scored nine goals so far. Espanyol is other case, Luis Garc?­a and his six goals are a good alternative to Ra??l Tamudo and his ten goals.

In any case, 21-year-old Andr?Šs Guardado has been forced to assume the responsibility of the goals at Deportivo, but he already has the mission to create danger by the sides, as his statistics demonstrates: after twenty one games, the Mexican winger is the third player in terms of crosses to the penalty area: 171. His mark is only surpassed by Mallorca's Ibazaga (244) and Getafe's Pablo Hern??ndez (195).

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