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07 Mar 2020
Depor’s coach seems decided in keeping the system with five defenders, while Almeria’s new boss is focused in regaining the balance.

Fernando Vázquez addressed the media on Friday; he hinted that Depor will keep playing with a line of five defenders and with Peru performing as a centre-back. The following is a translation of the main things he said.

Status of the team: “The team is with high spirits, high energy and you just need to see how they trained today to realize that the team is super-excited to go out and play a game that we all want to win.”

Problems at Almería: “It isn’t for me to analyze the situation of Almeria. It’s a team with a lot of speed and verticality, fast to reach the opposite goal and with great players. They’re hungry to win, because their expectations are rising and they will want to take advantage of his match against us. I consider that this is a team that needs to win. They come from two defeats and one draw at home. They are in need; then, if this situation is going to be important in the result or not, it is about to be seen.”

Change of scheme: “But we play against Almeria... there are teams against which you might consider going out with a different thought. But Almeria don’t give us that margin. It’s a rival who is in the fight for promotion and even with possibilities of a direct slot. Knowing Guti, he will play a normal game.”

Chance of playing with two strikers: “Yes, I think about it. Goal, speed and finish is what every team needs. That possibility is contemplated. How to introduce Claudio [Beauvue]? It may be trying to change the structure of the team or not. We are training both.”

Keko and Hugo Vallejo: “They are training well, but I am happy and I don’t discuss Eneko and Mollejo. They are two lads who are giving us an important performance.”

Salva Ruiz is out of the roster: “He’s getting closer to receive the medical okay. He trains normally and this weekend he stays here.”

Beauvue: “I must analyze players and try to put the best. It isn’t easy, but I am happy with the squad and I am looking for the most suitable ones. Claudio can give us many things and my obligation is to find a place for him. Let those who are better and have more talent to perform and we will win more games. Claudio can give us many things.”

Bergantiños and Peru were tested as centre-backs: “In Almería I don’t think that I will change the three centre-backs that have played so far, but there’s an obvious situation, that if there are problems with any centre-back you have to look for solutions. Álex played with me on a line of four in the last promotion and he did it extraordinarily, because a defender is not only a defender with the ball nearby. You need to have anticipation and Álex would be a viable alternative. Then I try Uche [Agbo] there, for what might come.”

The ball possession: “The team won with a low possession, around 38, 36 or 40%. The results came out. We raised possession in Zaragoza and lost, against Lugo too and we tied. It seems that we are mobilizing offensively, but these situations are not working for us. It’s unstoppable that the team is improving little by little and is finding itself. But sometimes what’s better? Is it to take the ball and impose yourself? or wait for the opponent to be wrong and hurt them? The conclusion is clear: we get a better outcome holding on than having the initiative.”

Is a draw a good result? “You value that depending on the game. If it's a tie at the 90th minute, we all jump for it, but if it's like the day of Girona, we were sad and disappointed. We are a complicated team that rivals respect, because we are competitive. No one can guarantee a result, but we will face this match with the assurance that they will have to defeat us. I am not worried. I know I have five or six games left to win. It’s a challenge and we take it. We don’t change our thinking.”

Replacement for Somma: "I would love to sign a player that marks the difference, but I am not worried, because there are other solutions."

José María Gutiérrez ‘Guti’ addressed the media on Thursday. He isn’t worried with the recent negative results, only in regaining the balance at his team. The following is a translation of the main things he said.

Avoiding panic after the latest results: "We are next to the second place, everyone leaves points on the way. Zaragoza dropped two points before the last place, there are going to be chances of catching the first two spots. We now play at home, fighting for the promotion, no matter through a direct spot or the playoff. We all have to go to one. The first push must be given by the players and then it’s up to the fans. It seems that we are going to be relegated, on the contrary, we are up, yes, with a bad streak, but the goal is close. For that reason you need to compete having hope."

What has been failing: "We watch the videos, the things we do right and wrong, and we have to focus on the ninety minutes with maximum concentration. We produce the arrivals of the opposing team, we have to be focused at all times. At Segunda you often win by mistakes of the rival.”

The team needs to regain balance: "We need to find a balance. We are a team that generates problems for the rivals, although it’s true that if, we don’t have it, then we suffer a lot at defense. In that regard we have to improve. We need to get the most out of our attitude, concentration. The rivals leave us the ball so that our anxiety of scoring leads us to the precipitation. You have to know how to play with all this.”

Deportivo: "We give our lives to win, but Deportivo know that too. In the last few matchdays it has been difficult for them to look up and those at the bottom squeeze them again. They play well on the counterattack and it’s strong in the offensive aerial game, because they have problems at the back. They have talented players after the winter window. They have woken up.” 




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