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14 Mar 2020
For Fernando Vázquez the best thing would be to cancel the current season and start all over again. He talked to reporters in a phone press conference held at Abegondo.

Fernando Vázquez addressed the media on Friday. Due the COVID crisis in Spain, the press conference was a video and phone conversation with reporters. The coach talked of the situation and the club and how the season should be handled now. The following is a transcription of the main things he said.

Delay or playing behind closed doors? “Off course I prefer this to play behind closed doors, from here to Lima. Because we have a big support on the field and I will like to continue having that support. In the other hand, the competition is suspended and I wasn’t worried for having injuries, but for been forced to play in an empty stadium.”

The COVID situation: “It’s an exceptional situation. It’s a pandemic and well, football isn’t a vital part of society and we must be following the directions of sanitary authorities.”

Do you agree in ending the season like this? Ending the season with the first round results? “Right now Deportivo aren’t in demotion. As things stand, Albacete will be there. Evidently it will be unfair for Albacete as they have one less game. We even have the chance to reach the playoff zone. First round ? Well, I don’t know if there’s something written about it, but we will have to reach an agreement, because if not, then things will end in the courthouse. “

“For me the best thing would be to have a lost year, no promotion and no relegation. No champion and neither runner-up. A lot of people will feel hurt and other benefited, but it will be the best as the competition never ended. If the completion can no longer be played, then it must be suspended. It’s the way I see it. My only fear is that it will end in the first round, but I don’t see it happening, because a competition is formed by forty-two games, therefore the best thing would be to cancel the season. It will be the fairest thing..”

Situation at the squad: “The players think the same that I. They prefer to play with a field full of people. They prefer to suspend the season and not to play behind closed doors.”

Ba: “I see him in all the positons at the centre of the defence. He completed two small training sessions and I need to know him better. He can play on the right, left or the centre.”

Will Peru Nolaskoain return to midfield? “Yes, Abdoulaye is here and it opens other situations. Yes, he can go back to midfield, but we will see.”

Training plan: “We thought the competition was going to be stopped for fifteen days, so we were going to have three weeks of training. We were going to make a week with a low charge, which means to recover people with muscle and mental fatigue, and then to raise the level in the next week. Now uncertainty is there and has been said that the suspension could be one more game. For now we need to see the team restoring its physical level. It’s not a pre-season, only two months are remaining and it isn’t the same, but in a tactical sense it will give me time to recheck a lot of things.”

How will this situation affect the team? “I prefer this to play behind closed doors. The pause is for all the teams, when the competition starts again, how will every team will be? It’s hard to say. But I will like to emphasize some tactical aspects.”

Can this uncertainty affect the team now they are back in relegation? “I repeat that currently we aren’t in relegation. If you look at the stand we are there, but if this is the end of the season then we will be saved. Evidently Albacete have a pending game, but what to do if it cannot be played? We aren’t sad. We were destroyed two months ago, but right now the team is competitive and fighting to survive in the league. No matter we spent four games without winning we are motivated.”

The Federation suggested to stop the training sessions: “We will lose the advantage of preparing things, but evidently the health of the players is the most important thing right now. The players will receive a plan to train and we will have contact with them.”

Any news of players or staff with the virus? “We haven’t made tests, but valorize the situation, because it’s probable that a big percentage of the population is affected. We recommended the players to follow some rules to stay save. “



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