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18 Mar 2020
Depor Ladies coach analyzed the season and the current situation. He is convinced that many of the players at the squad will stay for next campaign.

Manu Sánchez addressed the media in a virtual press conference. The coach of Depor Ladies analyzed the situation of the team under the COVID-19 crisis and also foresees the future. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Situation with the crisis: "I’m willing to train and I’m quite frustrated at home, but you have to take it with a lot of responsibility and tranquility, because the priority is other issues. The most important thing is that the players maintain their fitness and physical activity, so that when everything comes back to normal, they can return to play without any problem, minimizing risks of injury. The coaching staff has designed a work plan for each of them."

How is the team working? "We have arranged an individual and home work. It’s a training that each one can do at home. In the beginning, it’s for these first two weeks and if at the end we can start to work with the group, it would be ideal for the psychological health of the team and of themselves. The work they have at the end is a bit nice, because they have to replace certain tools at the club gym with material they have at home. We accompany all that with some psychological games. I think we are going to do it in a good way."

Worried with psychological issues? "There’s uncertainty and that affects the heads of the players who don’t know how to program in the short and medium term. The tasks they have at home are also psychological. We are also playing a psychological game for group cohesion, because there are many days without seeing each other and we are trying to replace that physical contact through the WhatsApp group and everything is going well. But we have to go calmly, because we don't know how long we are going to be like this.”

What will happen with the competition? "I would like the competition to be completed, because the primary objective we had is already achieved, and it’s a shame not to be able to finish the job. We were enjoying it very much and if we could finish it, then it would be the best option. We will follow what the RFEF tells us to do and, personally, I don't like the option of moving partially or completely the competition to the following year. I think that it should be finalized in this course if there are available dates. But I understand that it’s a complication for contracts and clubs. to have peace of mind, to see how this develops and if it cannot be, we will assume the decision that is made.”

Balance of the season: "I have to make a very positive balance. We will remember this year unfortunately for this issue but, as I said to the players, we have gone through mumps and other issues and now we are going to go through this. I hope that none of these circumstances tarnish the spectacular work these footballers did. It is something incredible, that we get to be in this situation enjoying as we are enjoying and having the recognition of football from all over the country. That is what we are going to stay with, with a very strong sense of satisfaction of the work we have done.”

There have been many renewals recently, afraid of losing players for next year? “I think we have done a good job throughout the year. The ones that shine are them and it’s normal that many people look towards Depor and towards them for everything we have done this year. I am sure that most of them will continue with us. We take care of them and they are happy on here. We are an ambitious and attractive project for anyone wanting to grow. But the players and their agents will see what’s best for them, the market has changed.”



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