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20 Mar 2020
Depor’s keeper want to play the rest of the season even if it is after June 30. But he warns that the team must be prepared to bear the high pace.

Dani Giménez offered a virtual press conference in which he explained how he is living the isolation. The Galician keeper says that the players want to plat the rest of games and that the team need to be prepared to play twice a week. The following is a summary of the main things he said.

76 straight games playing with Depor, a record at the club: “I didn’t know that, in any case I came with a clear goal: to go up to Primera and try to stabilize the club. And I still there. Those numbers are fine but the situation at the club is not good, and in the end this is a story and I see it as a secondary thing, I only see the promotion, anything else is secondary.”

How to train individually under these circumstances? “I am at home and only going out to do what can be done. I haven’t been able to go home [Vigo] and am worried for having grandmothers at certain age. The best is to see them not having contacts with too many people. Later, I try to keep a good schedule, I go up early in the morning and try to work trying to recover from the groin problem. This isn’t perfect and am limited to the fact of been training at home. But these days are going to be good for me as I will have time to recover from the groin/hamstring problems that I had.”

What should be done with the liga? “Everything is speculation. We don’t know how long the pandemic will last. It will good to end the competition playing all the games, the Euro will be delayed and the federation and la liga will search for the right schedule. Surely the quarantine will last more than fifteen days. The TV contracts are things that need to be fixed, and for the part of the players, we want to play. We must try to push and play as often as it can be done, and we are in debt with the fans. I believe we should play the rest of the league. We should be consequent with the TV companies that support the competition, we should try to play as often as possible, maybe Wednesdays and Sundays.”

Should be possible to play beyond June 30? “I am in contact with the Union and we are conscious that the best thing is to play the games, the ideal thing would be before June 30. I believe the matches should be played, because things will be wrong if not all the games are played. It can be after June 30, because there’s no EURO and the format of Copa del Rey is different. The great teams, the ones competing in Europe, play on Wednesday and Sunday, and the rest should adapt too.”

How to deal with the situation of not been training? “The mental strength comes with the fact of understanding what we have. In the end it’s like when you have a bad game and things don’t work out, you need to analyze the good and bad things that were done. I would have loved to be with my family, but I stayed in A Coruña with my wife and we are dealing with it. From my point of view, I will be fine. Nobody wanted this situation, but I will try to recover from my physical problems.”

Should the tournament end with the first round results? “It will be unfair. The clubs make the effort and fulfil changes in January. It would be unfair, not only for us, but for the rest.”

How is your training routine? “I am trying to strengthen my groin and hamstring muscles, and following a routine. It is a schedule trying to combine coordination and strength. And when we were able to play, I will be in better shape, at least with less pain than in previous days.”

What are the players talking about possible dates? “We want to play, what the president of la liga and the federation are saying are just speculation. We will end playing twice in a week, it will be the desirable thing, but the government is the one that will tell us, it will depend on the evolution of the pandemic. There are different scenarios and we can only stay at home trying to be prepared.”

After the break, will you be able to keep the form? “Evidently, we will need a little pre-season stage. If there’s a date to re-start the competition, then we will need to begin some days before. We will need a couple of weeks or at least ten days. It isn’t the same to be working at home than to train with the ball. We could spend a lot of weeks playing on Wednesday and Sunday, and if we aren’t prepared, then we will suffer and it wouldn’t be fair if we don’t have the right preparation.”

How do you se the future of the team after the most recent results? “The most important thing is to do the things we were doing before, to show our best version. We need to improve our defence, and also need to keep using the counterattack, it is very important. We haven’t been as dangerous as in previous games. In defence the new centre-back can bring things, someone that can command the sector with his experience. The defence was the sector that made us recover the feeling of been a block, and we need to do it again, but also knowing that the counterattack is essential for the team.”



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