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24 Mar 2020
Defender Eneko Bóveda talked to reporters and analyzed the uncertainty on football after the suspension of the league has been extended for an undetermined period of time.

Eneko Bóveda had a virtual press conference. The defender talked of the uncertainty with the end of la liga and his personal situation at the club. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Do you think the rest of the season is going to be played? “It’s something beyond football, something affecting all the world, so the deadlines won’t be marked by the necessities of la liga in order to end the competition, but of the tendency of the pandemic, another thing is that everybody would love to play and end the competition, so the final standing could be as fair as possible.”

What do you think about the hurry in ending the competition? “In one hand there’s a global problem without clear answers, and then there are particular interests that make you create a debate. People are seeing the possibility to have losses and they are the ones hurrying to return to a normal situation. Hopefully we can minimize those losses, but I believe that, in this case, the first thing is to fix the health problem and then try to reduce the losses.”

Clubs could be forced to reduce their workforce: “We are just workers and the laws are the same for the rest. You can think whatever you want, but there are things that don’t depend on ourselves. We also have our mechanisms to defend our interests, and we will try to search for the ideal thing: the fairest thing is to assume the distribution of the losses. “

New delay in the competition, it could end after June 30: “It’s easy to screw things when you talk of the issue without information. For now, the measures are taken to minimize risks, football isn’t too important right now. Can we play after June 30? Hopefully it can be done, but I don’t know the legal aspect of playing after the ending of certain contracts, but at this point everybody assumes a sacrifice that must be done in order to reduce the losses and be close to a fairest situation. Other thing is to talk of deadlines as everything could end in four weeks, and it can take more time.”

 Message to the public: “You need to think of the victims and the people that are working and having contact with other people. Also with people that have to live in small houses with a lot of people. You can empathize with them and should call you to avoid certain situations in which you aren’t respecting the indications of the authorities.”

You end your contract at the end of the season, are you interested in a renewal? “I have a contract for one more season, and I am content with my situation at the club and at the city, so I am only thinking of Deportivo. You cannot make further plans to May.”

How is your situation with the trainings? “Everything is fine. I stick to the plan sent by the physiotherapist. In a few days I will join the global plan, maybe I have less pressure in order to be recovered as soon as possible. “

Will you affected in a physiological sense? “It will have consequences. There will be people with less space to make things. It will be curious to return to work, but we have the coaching staff. As normal persons, some might be a little sad, other angry or apathetic, but I am fine and am entertained with my son.”

Do you need a pre-season before starting to play? “It seems there will be a large number of games in a short period of time. It will be like an experiment, no one knows what could happen, if this could be negative or if the bodies can be adapted to a new pace. What we know is that, as long as we are more prepared, we can say that we did anything possible. We will see and it will be interesting.”

Has the club talked to you about the financial situations and your wages? “It’s on the line of what I said before. If it is going to happen or not, we don’t know anything and it doesn’t depend on us. It is a right on the companies to cut the wages and we are just employees. We will see how everything evolves, and since that point, I will like to have a consensus in which everybody pays. It’s a possibility and is happening in other areas.”



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