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27 Mar 2020
Centre-back Michele Somma confirmed that he has talked of a renewal with the club, he also explained his recovery process in Italy.

Michele Somma offered a virtual press conference and talked of the recovery process of his knee injury, he also admitted that Depor have offered the renewal to him. The following is a summary of the main things he said.

Depor informed that it will extend your contract: “Yes, we talked with Richard [Barral] about this subject, now he needs to talk to my agent. There are more important things right now, so they will talk later. I am content in A Coruña and will love to continue. I thank Richard for the offer, surely now he and my agent will talk.”

How is your recovery? “Spectacular. We are following the deadlines. A lot still ahead and the worst already passed. The knee is responding and we are improving, so we are in the right track. I am happy and need to work hard.”

Where are you going to spend the recovery process? “The first stage here in Italy, especially the first month. Now with everything that’s happening, I cannot return to Spain until everything is settled.”

How is the self-isolation affecting you? “It isn’t affecting the process of recovery, it’s only changing the process that I need to do. It isn’t a problem.”

Do you think the league will end? “For me the best thing is to end the league now, because the most important thing is the health. It will be good to finish, but if it takes too long… I don’t know.”

How are you living in Italy? “It s a sad and ugly moment for everyone. I trust our doctors and every time they tell us to stay at home, I trust them and it’s the only way to surpass this sad moment.”

Were you worried when you suffered the injury? “Yes, beyond the pain I was affected by the burden that it was happening again. But everything is fine now.”

What has been harder, the physical or psychological aspect of the injury? “Right now I have to work with pain, so the physical aspect is a little complicated.  The mental issue is also tough as I have to work passing though this historical moment. I have the head in the work, but also in the family and friends.”

The bad moment of the team has coincided with your injury: “Surely the results weren’t the ones that we expected, but I trust my team mates and I believe we will go up and will continue to add. I trust each one of my teammates. I am convinced that were going to improve.”

Is this new blow making you rethink your career? “For me the important thing now is to return to compete and train on the pitch, to feel again as before. “

What’s your opinion on Ba? “I am convinced that he can do great things. I talked with people that played with him and is a good player. I am convinced that he can help us and make a good end of season, if we play again.”



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