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01 May 2020
Álex Cobo believes that the crisis will lead the club to rely more on the academy players, and he also believes that Fabril’s players are ready for the challenge.

Goalkeeper Álex Cobo gave a virtual press conference. He believes that the pandemic will cause a financial crisis that will push the clubs to use more the academy players. And he is convinced that it will be a good chance for Fabril’s lads. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The goal at the first team has been on the spotlight, what do you think of the club’s policy of not relying on the keepers at Fabril? “In the end it’s normal to see the club relying in a second keeper having a little more experience, such as Segunda B. But it’s also true that the role of second keeper is a position in which you can risk a little more. It’s a player that won’t have too many minutes. It’s a decision and you have to assume it. I believe it’s hard to rely on the academy, but now it will be more common.”

Have you been called in order to resume trainings on next week? “We are still training at home. The physical trainer, Manuel Pombo, has called us in order to be ready and we are attentive to see what happens on Monday.”

How about the isolation? “My self-isolation has been like everyone else. On the mornings I am working with the plan sent by the club. I also spend more time on the kitchen, watching series and talking with the friends.”

The experience training with the first team: “I fell privileged training with the first team, because in the end you are working with a team from Segunda, and the true is that they are incredible. The welcomed me at the changing room and ns it’s a privilege to learn from them. It has been spectacular.”

Is the season at Tercera over? “I believe it won’t be played. In the end in these leagues to have a protocol is a more difficult thing. If the season is played at Primera or Segunda, it is more for monetary subjects rather for the sporting aspect. In the end it won’t be positive in order to stop the pandemic.”

The federation is talking about a playoff express: “My opinion is that the competitions should be cancelled. I cannot tell you what format should be used, maybe an express format having a fixed place to play the games, so you minimize the changes of having infections.”

The impact of the academy in the future: “In the end there will be a financial crisis and the clubs will notice it, and it will be the time for the academy players. I have talked to other players at Fabril and they are ready for it. To be able to train with the first team and work with the coaching staff like the one we have it will make you to be ready and be able to compete with the other players.”

Valerón or Fran might return to the club: “It’s very positive for the club, especially for the lads coming from behind. It’s the best thing that can happen, to be working with someone great from the past.”



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