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02 May 2020
Vicente Gůmez wants to end the season on the field, but he is also aware thatís impossible to predict when it will be the right time to do it.

Midfielder Vicente Gůmez offered a virtual press conference. He wants to end the season and assures that the players will be secure in the first days of training, but also says that he doesnít know what could happen next. The following is a summary of the main things he said.

The protocol and the playersí security: "Individual training, knowing that there is never 100% guarantee of anything, itís not very dangerous. Itís safer than when you go to the supermarket. Itís safer to go to train at the Sporting City, because everything will also be well prepared. We donít fear anything, but youíve uncertainty about how things will go, how it will be in a month and a half if the curve is managed to be lowered. Let's see if the virus is being removed from society, because with this de-escalation there may be some regrowth and that affects any of us. My concern is more related to that. The players will be under control, just like the people who will be in contact with us not so much, but still a little. The problem is going to be when you play against people from other cities. I imagine that everything will depend on how the de-escalation will go, if there is any contagion and if, at this moment, you are trying to recover economic activity there are no contagions, it can be controlled. But to talk of total control is impossible, because we are living a situation that nobody knows. I live not with fear, but with uncertainty, because fixing dates is complicated. But we should all try to regain normality and a good way is to do it with individual training to remove that little uncertainty.Ē

Is it too soon or should the tournament be finished anyway? ďThe dates are not sure. First you have to do some tests and then, according to the results, start training. We all want to leave the house. I have adapted well to the situation. Now recovering that normality gives me a bit of uncertainty and Iím aware that, on the other hand, we must finish the league. But I donít know if with the deadlines so closed that we have set ourselves, because we donít know how the virus is going to evolve. Same with this de-escalation by phases, there could be some regrowth and I donít know what is going to happen with football. But like any activity, you have to go back little by little. Iím in favor of finishing the league, but I donít know if setting deadlines will be good. Just as if we arenít able to reach those deadlines, events will precipitate with decisions that should not be taken. We must think about ending it, but at the right time I don't know when it will be. With so many people still dying it is still difficult to think that you have to start the league as soon as possible."

Information by the clubs of individual sessions: "Ńlex, the captain, told us that between [May] 5 and 7, they have scheduled to pass the controls. This morning there is an important meeting between all the parties involved and from there more specific dates will come out. In 48 hours we would have the test results and if everything works out, the to start training next week."

Your Physical state: "Training at home is rare, because we do things that we arenít adapted to. The club has provided us with a bike and different materials. I also had some material at home. You try with the help of the club in order to be fit. But itís clear that itís impossible to assess what state I am in. I have taken great care of myself, I have worked everything that the Club has marked for me. But now it will have to be like a pre-season from the beginning. In the end I cannot run, train situations of football, going back to that cognitive work that will be complicated. As for the physical level of strength, endurance, I'm fine because we have crushed ourselves a lot. Manuel Pombo has sent us many tasks, but the part that has to do with football has been seen very conditioned. Everything is a matter of getting to it."

Only once you were a starter with Fernando VŠzquez: "I was in a good moment in the last games of the year. The pity was that I got the last yellow against Tenerife at the Riazor and I started with a deficit. Then the coach came up with a way of growing that he has repeated with the withdrawal, to leave no spaces. And he was finding a group of players that he understood better prepared to do that. I didnít find a place. I have been working, making him to see that I could also fulfill those characteristics. When we reached the break, he said that it was the time to make a little change to other things, gradually seeking to dominate the game. Until then I was seeing that I could have more opportunities. Now all that was cut off. I lived with the peace of mind that I was working very well. Iím focused on working and that he sees that he can count on me for everything: to try to dominate the game or to not be given occasions."

Descaling phases in football: "I have doubts, I have uncertainty, because itís a virus that nobody knows. It is not known if there is immunity to people who have passed it, people who are asymptomatic. It generates uncertainty to make speculations or proposals. We have to make decisions, we cannot stay forever at home. There have been conversations of a calendar, but I donít know if it will be flexible, if there are infections how it will be. My day to day next week will be very safe, because in the Sporting City there is no danger. There is more danger going to do other activities such as shopping. Then it will be seen if in that de-escalation other workers who have contact with more people are becoming infected or not to see when football is. If there is a second wave, thinking about football would be foolish."

Position towards the chance of having infections among the players: "Uncertainty. I don't know what will happen in the future. It's a virus we don't know about. Making long-term plans is complicated. To start competing, in my opinion, we should not close on dates, because itís still better to move it a couple of weeks later or if we see that there are infections, we have to stop again a little. "My opinion is to start little by little with individual training; and with what society transmits to us with the contagions, we will go to group training; and hence the competition. I am in favor of playing, but not of fixing some dates.Ē

Specific date to start training: "I don't have a specific day to day. Between [May] 5 and 7 they will tell us when and how to pass a test and in 48 hours we have the results. From there they will tell us when to start training. This dance of dates is normal, because itís a new situation for everyone."

Roadmap to finish the league: "There are many unknowns, because a lot of information comes out. We, the players, itís important to not gave as granted whatís coming out. We are in a new situation. We are clear that next week we will pass a test. Once we know the results, we will start training individually. And little by little the doctors, the Health Department, CSD, the AFE, La Liga and Federation are getting a little agreement and making little progress, little by little. Personally, I donít pay much attention to the calendars that are being tell, because with this virus, setting dates is useless."

To play or not to play: "I am in favor of playing when we can play. I donít know exactly when to play. Tomorrow I would not play, because the situation with so many infected people is not viable. In a month and a half, two and a half months, or three, it will be possible to play. We have to assess the situation little by little.Ē

Solution to the tournament if you cannot play: "Before reaching the conclusion that you cannot play, you have to extend the deadlines as much as possible. I am in favor of always finishing the league on the field. And if you cannot play, well, I don't know. Everyone is going to come out unhappy. Each one will shoot for their interests. My opinion is that prizes should be produced but not punishments: promotions and not relegations. That we have to play next season with 24 teams in Segunda, well itís an effort, and 22 in Primera. But it's a hypothesis and I don't know what will happen."



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