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04 May 2020
The Spanish government finally released the plan that will allow the return into competition for professional sports. Deportivo should resume the trainings on this week, but hasnít released yet a calendar.

Spain has started to ease the measures of the lockdown. Starting this weekend the general population can go out and practice sports, though under especial regulations, like a specific hour and keeping a minimal distance with other persons. At Deportivo, players like Borja Valle, Mollejo, Beauvue, Montero and Christian Santos stated in their social media that they went out in order to run.

The Sporting Council (CSD) also released on Saturday the calendar and rules for the return into competition for professional sports. This calendar is composed of three stages, the first is starting on Monday and allows the return to professional installations in order to have individual training sessions. But before the athletes that have symptoms must pass COVID-19 PCR tests.

Until this Sunday, Deportivo havenít officially announced any calendar for the return, but the media speculates that the trainings will start on Wednesday or Thursday. In this first stage the players will attend to Abegondo and will train apart from the rest with the coaches keeping a distance with them. They will remain living isolated at their houses.

The second stage authorized for the CSD contemplates collective training sessions with groups composed by 14 athletes or less. The players will also start to be concentrated in installations or hotels. The date for this second stage isnít fixed, but should take place at the middle of May. Then the third stage involves the return into professional competitions and should start in June.



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