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07 May 2020
Nano is one of the coaches of Infantil B. The former player never had the chance to play at Depor despite been born in a Coruña. Now he starts his career as a coach working at the academy.

Fernando Macedo ‘Nano’ is a former player that was born in a Coruña, but that never had the chance to play at Deportivo. Now he is starting his career at the Galician club working as a coach for Infantiles (Infantil B). He gave a virtual press conference and was analyzing the situation with the pandemic.

Coaching the Infantiles: “This has been a good experience for me. No matter I already have the three major degrees as a coach, I only had the experience of coaching teams at schools. I was practicing at Racing Ferrol and now I have the chance to train a team of Infantiles at Depor. I am glad as this is a good experience, and I’m doing it in a great club like Deportivo. In the end it’s an enriching experience to coach at Deportivo.”

Ending the season now: “In the end it’s a pity that the competition needs to be suspended, but in the end it’s for the good of everybody. It’s a matter of security so it’s logical and normal.”

How the lads are handling the isolation: “We sent a plan to the players, so they know what they must do at home. Now that the restrictions are less severe, we are making plans, so they could be fine for next season. It’s good for them and it’s important to be fit.”

How do you see the measures at Primera and Segunda been a former player? “I think it’s fine. They are able to train and will undergo tests. Since that point, as the restrictions are less severe, they will be able to train in groups. It’s normal to compete again and to demonstrate on the field what they have.”

What should the league do in case of having positive cases? “If there are a lot of cases, then the competition needs to be suspended. The health of the players is the most important thing. But if only two or three players are positive, then the rest should yield at the same level.”

What will happen if the league cannot be played? “In case the league cannot be played the situation will be complex, because some teams will be affected, and it will be a political case in which it will be hard to make a decision. Even though, the best thing is to not have relegations and neither promotions.”



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